Teasing guys to look up your skirt, anyone else do this?

I like to tease guys while sitting down with my short skirts, and try to get them to sneak a peak up my skirt to see my panties. I think it's

exciting =) And sometimes at parties I try to seduce guys by "accidentally" flashing my panties.

Does anyone else do this? =)


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  • Yeah,I do have to admit it...Guilty as charged!I do the same thing.I sort of live in skirts,dresses and heels,and get a certain charge out of seeing guys(and other girls!Yup,I'm bi!) do a double take or make their eyes pop out,whenever I accidently let my hemline get blown up,or am reckless when crossing legs,or when I happen to be overly "careless",and dop things,forcing me to have to bend way,way over to pick it up.It's extra fun,when I wear sexy undies like garters and nylon stockings,and see guys strat to hyper-ventilate!

    • Finally someone! =) I think these other girls are just stuck-ups who don't realize that being sexy can give a little extra spark in your everyday life, without making you "easy" or "slutty".

      Haha, I love when you get that Basic Instinct type of reaction =D

    • Ha,ha!You have to admit...It is fun being a little bad!

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  • I think that's kinda hot.. lol I'd probably fall for it. :P But I'm not sure.. if you act like that all the time even with a boyfriend.. idk.. that's kinda.. slutty. Slutty is good sometimes though like halloween. haha

  • Oh, you're the one! Than was you! You tease.

    You are a very, very naughty girl and you need a harsh bare bottom spanking! And I'll administer it - and you will learn your lesson naughty girl!

    Hey, have fun... it is your body, your skirt and your panties.


  • It does sound fun. It's not slutty. It's sexy.

    • Thank you, yes, it is both fun and sexy =)

  • I think that's hot.

  • Imo that's kinda slutty. Might wanna tone it down a bit...

    • It's not slutty, I do it in a very discreet way.

  • very hot!

  • I see nothing wrong with a harmless sexy tease. :3

  • For the record.

    A black skirt and white satin panties drives guys wild. :

  • Mona,

    Every guy loves panties, whether they will admit it or not. Seeing panties under a skirt is even better IMHO.

    My girlfriend loves giving me a view of her panties up her skirt when we are out and about. It's a big turn on for both of us. She gets excited about the fact that someone else might see, and I am happy to see the present I will be unwrapping when we go home.

    Be cautious though. I've had to "persuade" several guys that caught the show to seek their entertainment elsewhere.

    Teasing is awesome, but you don't want to attract the wrong attention.

  • It makes me so horny I have to jerk off and cum if a girl teases me intentionally


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  • Well since I'm not an attention whore no I don't try to get guys to look down my shirt or up my skirt and on the rare occasion when I do do that it's because I have every intention of letting him get in my pants. I don't go to parties to try and seduce guys just for sh*ts and giggles, that's just mean and kinda bitchy.

    • The part about going to parties is when I want the guy, but the first part is just for fun. No harm done.

    • It's still trashy. It's one thing to get randomly complimented for looking nice it's another thing to try and get guys to look up your skirt

  • No...I prefer to not attract those type of guys

    • It's not like I try to get a date with them, it's just teasing for fun.

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    • Not if they don't believe it was on purpose.

    • Um...I still wouldn't.defend it,I don't care,I just wouldn't.I think it's trashy,that's my opinion.If you don't so be it.

  • :O

    No. No, I do not.

  • No. Because I don't need to "accidently" flash my panties to get guys. I don't need to act that way to get a guys attention. Trying to seduce multiple guys and trying to get them to look up your skirt is kinda trashy and slutty in my opinion. But to each is own I suppose, I mean I'm not going to tell you what to do because it's your life not mine. But just so you know, all of those guys will probably label you as "easy". And that's not a good thing.

    • I don't need to either, I do it for fun. And I don't think you have a clue of what you are talking about, because it can be done in a classy-sexy way instead of a trashy-slutty way.

    • Umm actually yeah I do have a clue of what I'm talking about hun:) I get what you're saying about doing it in a classy way but the fact that you are even trying to do that in the first place just seems trashy to me. If you even read what I said then you wouldn't have known that. I'm not saying you're doing it in a trashy way, I'm saying that the whole thing of trying to get a bunch of guys to look up you're skirt is trashy. Sorry:)

  • Screw all these ladies. It's your life, you do what you want with it. It's only slutty if you sit there with your legs wide open for a long period of time and let the whole

    world look. It can be sexy if done correctly. If, like you said, you flash it quickly and play it off as an accident. It's not like you sleep with every guy you show your chonies to. I say do what you want. Just remember that fine line between sexy and slutty. Take Dita Von Teese for example. She strips down to her undies but still manages to make it look classy.

    • Yes, I think these other girls just don't understand how it is done. It doesn't have to me trashy at all.