Teasing guys to look up your skirt, anyone else do this?

I like to tease guys while sitting down with my short skirts, and try to get them to sneak a peak up my skirt to see my panties. I think it's

exciting =) And sometimes at parties I try to seduce guys by "accidentally" flashing my panties.

Does anyone else do this? =)


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  • Yeah,I do have to admit it...Guilty as charged!I do the same thing.I sort of live in skirts,dresses and heels,and get a certain charge out of seeing guys(and other girls!Yup,I'm bi!) do a double take or make their eyes pop out,whenever I accidently let my hemline get blown up,or am reckless when crossing legs,or when I happen to be overly "careless",and dop things,forcing me to have to bend way,way over to pick it up.It's extra fun,when I wear sexy undies like garters and nylon stockings,and see guys strat to hyper-ventilate!

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      Finally someone! =) I think these other girls are just stuck-ups who don't realize that being sexy can give a little extra spark in your everyday life, without making you "easy" or "slutty".

      Haha, I love when you get that Basic Instinct type of reaction =D

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      Ha,ha!You have to admit...It is fun being a little bad!