Women, have you tried to give a guy an erection in public?

I know or heard some women do this. Is this true? Did you or a friend ever do this and why?


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  • HAHAHA.YES! I gave my guy a hand job under the table of a restaurant.

    We also had sex at a night club. It was dark, I had a skirt, I was sitting on his lap. and you the rest! ;)

    Is soo exciting!


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  • If you manage to give a guy a boner, it generally feels like a victory. Mostly because that means that the guy was attracted to you, so woo hoo, you made it happen. A lot of girls do this to feel that way, or to find out if a guy they like is attracted to them. It's also funny.

  • Yes I did hahaa. Just for fun, and to see if I could. I was young and inexperienced.

    • Haha! So did you do it - like did you give him one? lol!

    • Well... I was on a camp with Air Cadets. We went swimming. I didn't swim, but he did. There was a fence between the pool and the non-pool area. I sat next to it, he came to the fence. I moved next to the fence and moaned into his ear. Continuously. He just stayed there and listened. Apparently he couldn't move in case anyone saw his erection ololol. Was rather funny.

  • Yes we were in the back of a car with some other people. I asked him to pull up my shirt because my friend fell asleep on my lap and my hands. He started feeling me up and lifted up her head so he could put my hand on his crotch. It was really hot.

  • i did twice at parties, but wasnt really my intention. we were just making out and I didn't even touch there.

    but a few years ago, I went out with a boyfriend and I was wearing a skirt. and when we were arrived at the bar I told him I had no panties on. he was really excited when we made out and was kinda desperate to go back home hahaha


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