Why do small-chested girls not show cleavage?

I always see the big chested girls wearing deep plunging necklines that show their boobs but never see the smaller chested girls doing it. Sometimes you will see models (or the rare brave girl) with small boobs wearing no bra and super deep necklines. Just because you don't have overflowing cleavage doesn't mean it isn't sexy. I was just wondering is it due to a lack of confidence or fear that guys don't like it?


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  • SADLY!

    I have small boobs.

    **cough cough A cup cough cough**

    but yea I think the reason they well WE don't wear low cut shirts is because it doesn't fit. the shirts are usually a little bit bigger on the top and doesn't sit well. sometimes if I'm lucky I do find some low cuts and I love to wear them

    : D

    oh also small boob usually means no (or very little) cleavage and it doesn't always look that great.


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  • its because the girls with less to show are more self aware of how their chest look they don't fill out their shirts like the big girls and they are more content not sayin hey look. I'm flat.

    • Then why are most fashion models small-chested? you don't need big boobs to make a shirt look good on you...and you definitely don't need big boobs to look sexy. Beauty is more of a package deal, ya know? If a girl has an amazing body and small boobs she would still be sexy.

  • Necklines may not necessarily be that plunging. If a girl with big boobs and a girl with small boobs wear the same top in their own sizes, it can often look more revealing or just plain slutty on the big boobed girl and normal or modest on the smaller one. I have big boobs and its hard to find tops that "de-emphasize" them, if you know what I mean. I always worry that I look like a skank but it is hard to hide them. I mean, I'm not ashamed of them or anything, but for things like christenings and job interviews it would be nice to play them down.

    My friend has small boobs and says she finds it hard to find low cut tops that "sit right" on her chest.

  • I have large breasts and I go out of my way NOT to show cleavage, I would kill for a small chest honestly.

    my friends all have small breasts and they don't show cleavage because they don't want to? I think in my group of friends we'd all feel uncomfortable, its definitely something we don't find sexy on women.

    I'd love to be able to wear t-shirts and not look stupid,

    V necks are also slimming for women with larger chests. So maybe that's why they do it?

  • i have a c cup boobs and I hate them I think there to big for me I know a c cup isnt big but to me it is as a year and half ago I was a aa cup so I don't really like showing cleavage but anytime I look at photos of me there it is in your face !

  • Well usually girls with more cleavage have more to show off and girls with less cleavage don't have as much to show off so they don't want to. Plus, depending on whether or not the boobs are fake or not, the girls with more cleavage are usually (not always!) more willing to show it off.

    Plus not all of us girls want to show everything off to guys. I personally don't have huge boobs but I don't want to degrade myself and show everything just so guys can look down my shirt.

    • I don't mean you have to show it all the time. but on special occasions its nice to see a girl confident with who she is. just because they don't have more to show doesn't mean that it isn't sexy. some guys are actually more attracted to smaller boobs.

    • You can be confident with who you are and at the same time not show your boobs. I might show a little but I'm not gunna stick my boobs out of my shirt or show too much skin. Its not always a confidence factor as much as a wanting to have some class. Showing some cleavage on a smaller girl could be equivalent to showing some cleavage on a bigger girl, the difference is that a smaller girl just has less to show so they don't want to show their whole boob, which is what would end up happening.

    • I just wanted to say I totally agree with what you wrote.

  • I personally find cleavage gross. I've had so many friends with it before and you can't hang out with them without getting an eye full. It isn't a lack of confidence for me, just a personal opinion of what looks good and what looks skanky.

    • Funny that your definition of skanky includes showing something that everyone has, even guys have a chest. its funny how everyone is so uptight about showing their body when that is the most natural thing there is. Nudity and bare skin isn't sexual unless your mind perceives it that way. It's only skanky if you are being overtly sexual about it.

    • Which is how a buch of people looking at it are being. I'm not saying you're one of them, but I'm in high school! How many of the guys around me are looking there and not thinking that way? I know a lot of pervs and wouldn't want to show anything more then I have to around them. Plus, I know a lot of girls who do that for the attention of it, not because they like it. That is what I am talking about. If a girl enjoys dressing that way because of other reasons, then it isn't skanky.

  • I personally don't mind having small breasts, just because I am a very petite, small built person and I think I would probably feel a little weird if I had big breasts. For me it's a little reassuring that guys aren't staring at my chest all the time (as far as I know) because there really isn't anything to stare at.

    On the other hand.

    I pride myself in my shoulder and neck structure. I've been told that I have a very nice neck, a prominent collar bone (not disgustingly so), nice shoulders and I find that I have to agree that everything in that area is gold (in my opinion.not that I'm bragging or anything because almost every other part of my body I am really self conscious about.). I don't mind flaunting my shoulders, neck and collar bone and wear tank tops, tube tops and halters all the time. There really is no cleavage to speak of but I have ways of using the other assets of my torso to my advantage. There are other things to look at on a girl than just her cleavage.

  • i don't have big boobs but they aren't tiny either. smaller girls don't do it as much because they don't really have anything to push up . and as you said most have lack of self confidence

    • Have you ever seen photos of sienna miller wearing lowcut tops? She has very small breasts and she still shows a lot of skin. Not cleavage really but definitely the area between her breasts. It is sexy and not overbearing like some cleavage can be.

  • i show cleavage -occasionally tons of small chested ladies do but they may go unnoticed when c's and bigger show a little skin

  • I think a little bit of both. if you want to get a good clue, pick a women's magazine. Often they'll say to use padding or hide your chest and accentuate something else if you don't have "enough" cleavage. I think more flat chested women would do it if they thought it would be well received.

    A while back, I had the experience of loosing a lot of weight (mostly off my breasts) and wearing a string bikini to the beach only to be harassed on seperate occasions by several strangers (3 guys, 2 girls) for not having breasts.

    So I guess to get at your question on one hand we often forget that some guys like small boobs and I think that causes a lack of self confidence. that and the fact that some people think just because you're a woman it's somehow acceptable to reprimand you for the way you look or what you're wearing.

  • I really think it's a combination of both. Plus, some girls with smaller chests have pointy breasts, so they may be scared of someone seeing. Or (like me), they may stuff their bra and not want anyone to know that they do that.

  • Because we can't. hahah well I have really small boobs, and cleavage is almost impossible for me.


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  • i couldn't agree more with you chief!

    small boobs are just as sexy if not more sexy. and I think a lot of guys would agree.

    you don't have to have your whole boobs exposed just to show a little bit of them do you?

    by the sounds of all the comments, it seems its just something we get to see once we have you naked! ;-)

    great question though mate props

  • Cause they got none to show.