Why do small-chested girls not show cleavage?

I always see the big chested girls wearing deep plunging necklines that show their boobs but never see the smaller chested girls doing it. Sometimes you will see models (or the rare brave girl) with small boobs wearing no bra and super deep necklines. Just because you don't have overflowing cleavage doesn't mean it isn't sexy. I was just wondering is it due to a lack of confidence or fear that guys don't like it?


Most Helpful Girl

  • SADLY!

    I have small boobs.

    **cough cough A cup cough cough**

    but yea I think the reason they well WE don't wear low cut shirts is because it doesn't fit. the shirts are usually a little bit bigger on the top and doesn't sit well. sometimes if I'm lucky I do find some low cuts and I love to wear them

    : D

    oh also small boob usually means no (or very little) cleavage and it doesn't always look that great.