Why do so many young girls give up their virginity so easily?

What's in it for you? Pregnancy/abortion? STD's? A Reputation as a slut? A broken heart when the Guys inevitably move on to new targets? Loss of self-respect and dignity? Is there a good side other than, if you are really lucky, a couple of orgasms? Wow, what a deal! For you under18ers, what makes you choose this when you know that's what is going to happen sooner or later?


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  • I love how educational your "question" is. I believe in Chasity, and I was doing really great for so long, until I turned 18 and started dating this one guy.

    He knew before we were dating that I was waiting for marriage, but he did not respect me in that area at all. He kept creating fights over it, and manipulating me until I gave in. He started saying things like "O.k then no kissing". Then if I still seemed not to be worried over that, he would start saying how we might as well just be friends since there's no difference from when we were friends, to when we were dating. He'd use all sorts of little tricks like that and gradually tricked me into compromising my virginity.

    I was lucky not to be heartbroken by him, because he is learning to respect me and is madly in love with me, but it was pressure that did it for me. It was easier to give in, then to ruin our relationship.

    I know it all sounds terrible, and I should have broken up with him before when he was pressuring me, but I felt stuck. I was convinced that I could help our relationship become better. Actually I have by alot. We are very happy now, but at what cost?

    • I believe here that "sounds terrible" = WISDOM. Thanks for your openness.

      Rainbows: Virginity is not only a religious issue, if that happens to be your outlook. It is a practical one of doing the best for the woman you will be at age 45. As Gorillaz says: The Future is Comin' On!

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  • Hey it feels good and guys come and go - a long lasting relationship or even marriage does definitely not mean a happy one.

    Virginity isn't important unless you have moral beliefs about it - it's a word that is tossed about and people make a much bigger deal about it than is needed - just because you loose you virginity early doesn't necessarily mean you loose your self respect, sleep with loads of guys, get a broken heart nor get a reputation as a slut.

    You also have to remember that in your little 'speech' about how girls are 'throwing away' their virginity you are putting a bad view on guys our age as when you say "when the Guys inevitably move on to new targets". You have to remember there are nice teenage guys out there and not all go and sleep with all girls possible but you could ask the exact same question to teenage guys as plenty loose their virginity by the time they are 18 - I'm not saying every guy did but a lot do.

    Sorry about the mini essay but I couldn't think of a way to shorten it

    Nothing against you personally :)

  • Virginity is silly. It's only important for religious reasons, and an increasing number of people don't care about religion. What's in it for me is that sex is awesome and that outweighs any negatives.

    • This is true for the most part. I'm not religious but I'm not gonna f*** anyone. I want my first time to actually matter.

    • Well, I'm not really one to put very much weight on firsts.

  • good points but some of us think like guys. and (no disrespect) but our hand just ain't workin. that and ever heard curiosity killed the cat?

  • At the under 18 range girls are easily persuaded, tricked, and pressured into doing it. At that age you don't really think of the consequences. All you know is that it feels good at the time, then you end up regretting it later.

    • Doesn't the first time usually just hurt? lol

    • Like a f**king bitch!!! But I'm sort of glad it's over with. cause next time it won't hurt and it can be more special

  • I would like to know why you only aim this question at girls? The same could be said for guys. They can just as easily get a girl pregnant or catch a STD. If you are going to preach chastity it should go both ways.

    • He's not "preaching", he was just expressing his views and questions on what he has noticed. If the question as to why girls AND guys loose it so young concerns you, then write your own question about it. End of story.

    • To living-the-adventure you and I must have read entirely different questions. You see it as he is just expressing himself and yes I suppose he is but aren't you a little put off my his double standard. Why are girls sluts if they loose their virginty early but not guys. I did not mean for my answer to come off as rude I simply want to know why he felt it only applied to girls. As for asking my own question I don't really care when people loose their virginty.

  • a lot of you have good points. I for one think virginity isn't silly. there are plenty of other reasons to be chaste. personally I'm one of those 'wait til marriage' people just because I don't want to have to tell my husband I've slept with the seven and eight boyfriends before him (hypothetically). I want to be able to say that I waited for the person I'm spending the rest of my life with.

    the difference between how guys are treated versus girls when they lose virginity is kind of obvious. if the girl does end up pregnant it's a lot easier for the guy to walk away than the girl (not saying some guys don't stay). and some stds can negatively affect a child when it's born. as girls, we have to be a lot more careful. so usually it's frowned upon for us.

  • i hthink they do it because media makes it seem like its not a big deal. With shows like the secret life of the american teenager make it seeem like it is acceptable. Oh and just for the record -that show has horrible acting.

  • not all girls lose it that young. I waited until I was 21

  • I haven't lost mine.


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  • Let me guess, you're p*ssed of that girls lose their virginity early because none of them would do it with you? I'm not bothered by the incessant small penis questions or "Rate me" questions but when people ask questions just to preach and air their dirty laundry, that's where I draw the line.

    I'm so sick of you idiots who want to chastise teenage girls for losing their virginity (And you're over 30, for chrissake! Don't you have anything better to do?) and then bitch and moan when their girl won't put out. Let's cut the sh*t: everybody knows the risks of sex but pregnancy and STDs are far from certain (if you take the proper precautions) and you know that. Girls have sex for the same reason boys do: it's fun, it feels good and it's an expression of love for your partner.

    And I'm tired of hearing how having sex constitutes a loss of dignity for a woman. Nobody tells boys that kind of horsesh*t but we if a girl dares to let a penis into her she's less of a person? What a bunch of sh*t! And who's really to blame for her gaining a reputation as a slut? Her or idiots like you who go around and talk about her behind her back?

    So let me ask you, what's in it for YOU? Does being another mindless d***head who scorns teenage girls for doing to their peers exactly what they wouldn't do to you in high school give you some kind of satisfaction? Don't you have anything better to do with your life? Or are you too busy waiting for some girl to drive to your city and kick you in the balls?