Why do so many young girls give up their virginity so easily?

What's in it for you? Pregnancy/abortion? STD's? A Reputation as a slut? A broken heart when the Guys inevitably move on to new targets? Loss of self-respect and dignity? Is there a good side other than, if you are really lucky, a couple of orgasms? Wow, what a deal! For you under18ers, what makes you choose this when you know that's what is going to happen sooner or later?


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  • I love how educational your "question" is. I believe in Chasity, and I was doing really great for so long, until I turned 18 and started dating this one guy.

    He knew before we were dating that I was waiting for marriage, but he did not respect me in that area at all. He kept creating fights over it, and manipulating me until I gave in. He started saying things like "O.k then no kissing". Then if I still seemed not to be worried over that, he would start saying how we might as well just be friends since there's no difference from when we were friends, to when we were dating. He'd use all sorts of little tricks like that and gradually tricked me into compromising my virginity.

    I was lucky not to be heartbroken by him, because he is learning to respect me and is madly in love with me, but it was pressure that did it for me. It was easier to give in, then to ruin our relationship.

    I know it all sounds terrible, and I should have broken up with him before when he was pressuring me, but I felt stuck. I was convinced that I could help our relationship become better. Actually I have by alot. We are very happy now, but at what cost?

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      I believe here that "sounds terrible" = WISDOM. Thanks for your openness.

      Rainbows: Virginity is not only a religious issue, if that happens to be your outlook. It is a practical one of doing the best for the woman you will be at age 45. As Gorillaz says: The Future is Comin' On!