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How many over 18 virgins are left?

I am a Christian, and my faith is very important to me, enough so that I am saving myself for marriage. I have always felt that lost virginity is... Show More

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  • It is so refreshing to hear about guys that want to wait... I commend you on it.. I lost my virgninty at 16, but I also just got married to the guy, so he's the only one I have been with. He's been with 3 girls prior to me, and I hate it. Its a huge compliment to save yourself for your forever partener... I wish he had waited for me, and he even says if he could go back and change his past he would... He would have wanted to wait for me... Connections are so much more deeper when you lose it to someone you love... Don't rush to lose it, because once you find your forever mate, you can have amazing sex with little boundaries because it will be with someone with whom you are mutually comfurtable with.

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  • I'm not, but the majority of my friends are virgins and turning 18 shortly. It's not all that uncommon. Even if it was less than 5%, think of how many people there are out there, 5% is still millions. I don't think that is an accurate estimate though, I've read that about 50% of teens have sex in high school.

  • I'm still a virgin.

  • I can assure you that there are plenty of people of both genders in your position, but the majority of 18+ virgins on this site seem to be males, and with most of them it's not because they are choosing not to have it. I'm sure you'll be able to find a nice Christian girl. That's not even that hard. There are loads of places for single Christians to meet. Church groups, and etc. I don't know. But I'm sure that most of the people who would be willing to go to things like that are probably also as dedicated to their virginity as you are.

  • I'm 19, been in a relationship for over three years. VIRGIN and proud:) waiting for marriage.

  • I'm 18 and a virgin, and engaged. Not really waiting 'till marriage. When it has to happen, it just happens. You can't rush love.

  • I'm 20 and still a virgin. Although I am not waiting for marriage I am waiting for love.

  • I'm 17 but I plan on remaining a virgin till I get married. It is SO hard in a relationship when both people don't feel the same way, so make sure you communicate that with your partner before getting serious.

  • I'm 19, and still a virgin, and have no problem with it. =3

  • There are many left. I have many friends over 20s still virgins, me too..

  • I am 19 and a virgin... but I'm for sure NOT waiting for marriage... hopefully I won't even wait for the end of the year

  • I'm 18 and a virgin. But that's nothing to do with marriage, I just want to find someone decent.

  • I 100% agree even tho I'm not over 18 I plan on being one then...i mean if you really love the person I guess you can set it aside but I'd prefer to marry a virgin too

  • I'm 21 and I'm a virgin waiting until marriage

  • I'm almost 19, virgin, and share the same beliefs as you :)

  • 21 & a virgin :)

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  • umm at age 21 the statistic is 13% nationwide. Though actually that is the statistic for 21 year old graduating college seniors who, suprisingly, have a higher virginity rate than the general population at their age. I can't find the statistic for how many *people* (college educated or not) are not virgins by age 21, but it can't be less than 6.5% since 50% of people (pretty damn perfectly half) go to college. so even if every single 21 year old non-college attendee was no longer a virgin, it still couldn't get below 6.5%. If I were to estimate, I'd figure virginity rates among non-college educated 21 year olds to be about 7%, bringing the stat to around 10% of the total 21 year old population is still a virgin.

    The US keeps a survey of graduating HS seniors and I believe the virginity rate is around 40% at age 18? Maybe a little lower? its unclear on that one because the US really likes to make it complicated by giving very very complex subgroup %s only, and never a whole big group number. That's been a criticism of the national health survey for a long time and I'm not patient enough to do some algebra to figure this out for you. But 40% looks about right.

  • I'm 19 and I also am a Christian. Although having been asked many times I have chosen to keep my virginity until marriage. I'm lucky that I've found my current girlfriend who is also Christian, a virgin, and waiting until marriage. We understand, share, and support each other with the decision and it makes it so much easier than those who I was with in the past. Don't worry man, you'll find the one.

  • Well, I'll give you an other view of your question...

    What is your definition fo virginity?

    How can you "measure" it? How can you be certain?

    I'm pretty sure that you heard of a kind of plastic surgery that puts everything "back in place", and there is a term called "back saddling", for preserving virginity.

    A lot of girls know that it has its value for some guys, a lot of girls cover up the number of partners they had, and plastic surgeons are having happy faces about it. Specially the ones operating in the middle east...

    To put a side religional beliefs and what I just wrote you, it is in human nature to experience new sensations.

    It is very natural to want to experience sex, and after that, it is also natural to want to know how would it be in another position, in another room, and eventually with another partner. A lot of (married) couples got separated because of that. Somebody was "the first" for somebody, and the wish for experimenting/change found its way...

  • sure lots of young people are having sex, but trust me there are plenty of virgins over 18, sadly the more attractive they are the less likely this is, so if you're wanting someone who is very attractive you probably have a 1/10,000 chance of finding her.

    i can understand the idea of your first time being with the one you 'love' being seen as better due to the emotional attatchments envolved, but what I don't get is how a ring and some words make it suddenly transform from a sin to acceptable. sadly for the main religions this view is growing rapidly.

  • I'm 20 and still a virgin. Its by choice too, because I've been offered on a few occassions especially after some found out I was still a virgin. Just like you, I'd much rather be in a commited relationship with a fellow virgin so we can experience it together.

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