How many over 18 virgins are left?

I am a Christian, and my faith is very important to me, enough so that I am saving myself for marriage. I have always felt that lost virginity is something that should be shared, with a husband and wife learning about intimacy with each other. I know there are plenty of born-again Christians that... Show More

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  • It is so refreshing to hear about guys that want to wait... I commend you on it.. I lost my virgninty at 16, but I also just got married to the guy, so he's the only one I have been with. He's been with 3 girls prior to me, and I hate it. Its a huge compliment to save yourself for your forever partener... I wish he had waited for me, and he even says if he could go back and change his past he would... He would have wanted to wait for me... Connections are so much more deeper when you lose it to someone you love... Don't rush to lose it, because once you find your forever mate, you can have amazing sex with little boundaries because it will be with someone with whom you are mutually comfurtable with.