What does my boyfriend want me to say when he asks about his penis size?

My boyfriend's penis is probably average-sized, maybe 5 and a half inches... I don't know really, I have nothing to compare it to so I don't know if it's "big" or "small" and I really don't care either- it just feels good inside me! Anyway, he seems to get insecure about it and ask if he's big, and then ask if he's small. Yesterday I told him his **** fits inside me perfectly and feels big. That didn't satisfy him, so guys, what am I supposed to say?!


Most Helpful Guy

  • This is more of an issue that he needs to deal with than one you can solve for him.

    In his own mind he's convinced he's inadequate. If you say he's inadequate it would confirm his beliefs, if you say you're satisfied with it he'll assume you're lying to make him feel better so you really can't win. Many girls have the same feeling about their breasts.

    He needs to learn to accept his body. Except for openly showing a voracious lust for his penis, there's not much you can do! And I'm not suggesting that you do that but when you do have sex make it a point to look fascinated and aroused by his penis. It's a confidence booster, however small, but it still counts.