Birthday - Spanking for a female friend by a male friend?

There's this girl I've been friends with since we were in 7th grade, (we graduated High School in 94) but we've never dated just been best friends,and a few days ago I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and she gave me a short list of things, but then she got really quiet and turned more shades of red than I thought a human being could turn. She then looked at me and told me that she wanted something that she hadn't gotten in many years, and that something was a birthday spanking. I was stunned to say the least, she made it pretty obvious that she wants me to give her, her birthday spanking, but I have no idea if I should, I mean we've only been friends never anything more than that, and I'm afraid that if I do this that I'll irrevocably change our relationship. What should I do? Am I being too paranoid about this? Please any help will be greatly welcome!


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  • I understand your dilemma.Do you want to do this?Leave aside the worries about what it might do to your relationship,and explore if it is something that you would like to share with her.How did it make you feel when she asked you?If you want to do this,go ahead,she has already changed the relationship in some way by asking you.Trust is a huge issue,and she obviously trusts you a great deal to lay bare her emotions in order to ask you.If it is something you are not comfortable with then please explain that to her,it must have taken immense courage for her to have asked you,and it is a big compliment to you that you were the one chosen.Have you spoken to her (at all) since she asked you?

    • Excellent answer!

    • Yes, I have spoken to her since then, I guess I was just more shocked and surprised than anything. I was never going to throw away all those years of friendship over this. But, we talked it over some, and I think we've come to a reasonable decision. In truth our little chat revealed more than I ever would've guessed. Like the fact she's been harboring a crush on me since 8th grade, but I didn't go through all of High School and College with the nickname "Admiral Oblivious" for nothing

    • I get a sense that you are a modest person perhaps and are unaware of your effect on the opposite sex,that's a great nickname!:) .It sounds like this has been a good experience for both of you,to having been able to talk through whar are some very sensitive and intimate subjects,it can only bring you a new understanding of one another,which is a gift,whatever the outcome.The very best of luck.

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  • She wants you to get naked and ravage a good way.


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  • Ah c'mon, this is just for fun how on earth could it change your relationship foreer? And is ist such a tragedy if it does?

  • No,this is only for and of itslef won't change anything in your relationship. She's just embarrassed to have to ask someone!

  • So I'm guessing that you don't want anything more with this woman?

  • It's very simple actually. SHE WANTS YOU