Do guys like Bisexual girls?

I'm bi, and all of my guy friends are going crazy over that and they saw me make out with my other female friend because of a dare, and when I looked up all I saw was cameras. What's the deal with guys and bi girls?


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  • As a bi girl, I really couldn't care what guys think about it because I don't do it for their entertainment and am flustered when guys will accuse girls of kissing just to turn them on. I'd rather be with a girl or guy away from the view of anyone else. I can understand why guys find it hot though, heaven knows I find the sight of women together quite beautiful myself.


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  • simple. a woman being sexual (even in little things like making out) is hot. Two girls doing it is twice as hot.

    it sounds cliche, but I promise you its true. Its that damn simple.

    add in the "taboo" factor which attracts people just because its something that vaguely naughty, but not actually bad at all. Also add in that every young guy seems to think that they can pull a threesome out of this (see the first argument for why threesomes are sexy). This last threesome thoughts fades with age as you realize that's not a realistic assumption and that bisexuality simply means that if you are seriously involved with a girl you need to be aware of potentially losing the girl to both genders (unless a discussion sets a preference for one gender over the other for dating purposes)

  • You're 16. You're probably not bisexual, you're just figuring out your sexuality, and you're finding out that if you kiss girls you get all the male attention you want. There's a very big difference between sexual orientation and "what can I do to get the most attention".

  • Nope. I don't like Tila Tequila sure girls making out with each other is hot but that's as far as it goes for me. I'm not planning on catching STIs and STDs.

    That's just my opinion.

  • I can never understand the idea of a male/female going homo, when they have a sexual drive to the opposite sex =\, I honestly think they're either mentally disturbed or they have issues or they have had some personal setbacks. Do I find any homosexual act attractive "HELL NO", I used to when I was 18 and 19, but afterward I don't see it as anything but disgusting.

    Don't think I'm hating on them homo's now, and start throwing things at me, I don't hate anyone, I merely think they have some problem, and people have opinions, you know :)

    ((P.S: I'm not religious or anything, it just that the whole idea makes as much sense to me as a loyal prostitute))

    • just because you can tunderstand it doesn't mean they have a trying to attack you for you opinion, its just that thinking something wrong with them doesn't seem that different than hating on them

  • Nope not me at all

    • I mean honestly bi people usually come off as the kings and queens of sluts but that's just my thoughts. But then again I have met more single bi people than ones in relationships. I haven't really met 1 that wasn't but bi females don't really turn me on.

  • I just think it's weird.

  • my first girlfriend ex was bi and then another girl I was seeing for a bit was also bi. never had a problem. when my ex told me she though I would think different of her and I never did.


  • I find the girl on girl action hot.. Also my friends would hook up with a bi-girl for 3some matters

  • it's like this crazy fantasy that we're programmed with, so yes and no

    yes because its hot

    no because I might get jealous of all the bi girls that youd be making out with

  • bisexual girls are attention whores- theyre not actually bi. just looking for the attention

    • Attention whores? ooo. you just steped into the room sweetie. b careful where you tred

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    • Smh

    • in a lot of cases this is the truth, especially if the so called bu girl is young...but its not always the case...its possible to be attracted to people in general, not just be limited to guys and girls

  • Possiblity of a 3 some, the novelty wears of as you get older it doubles you chances of cheating, geting a std etc..


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  • same thing happened to me when I was a teenager. me and my friend were really close. we would have dated but we thought it better to wait until after school if we did. our guy friends jaws would drop. I was also apprently a go to girl for chicks who were bi-curious (just for kissing lol) guys went nuts for it. it;s because its taboo, the possbility of a threesom, and because the media hyped up girl on girl. just ignore them and don't do it for attention that gets annoying.

  • Honestly,I think "bisexual" girls should STOP using their sexuality to gain attention from guys.You make us all look bad

  • I dunno... I think its just the girl on girl action?

    I don't know why guys love it, but they just do! Its bizarre... x

  • I wonder this too!