Girls; why do girls want big butts?

why do girls want big butts? is it for attention? sex? guys?. I would really like to know.


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  • I never really "wanted" one, just so happens I was blessed with a little more junk in my trunk than others.. And honestley its been nice having a big booty, guys have gone crazy over my a$$ ever since I can remember. And now that I'm married, turns out my hubby is a "butt guy" and compliments and obsesses over my bodacious behind daily.. Its nice to have a feature that's praised so much by the opposite sex. So I guess that's why women want their own butts to be big, because its attractive to men... But most caucasion females I know want the exact opposite, they usually want to be toothpicks with no jiggle in their jeans.


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  • Big butts are hot. It's the same reason they want big t*ts.


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  • I like having one (well I think it's more on the medium side but w/e) because it looks better in jeans/pants for the most part, I like how I look when I wear underwear, and to be honest I think it's overall better to have a pear shape (hips, thighs, butt) than be top-heavy.

  • Some girls have bodies that aren't proportional

    Why would a girl want a flat butt?

    • Exactly why I'm saying why would a girl want a big one?. just take yourself as you develop!

    • It's wishful hoping.Are people not allowed to wish anymore?....:-(((

      I have a medium so I'm good

    • Ofcourse,they are. well lucky you=]

  • because some guys are into that

  • i have a big butt and I hate it, my boyfriend loves it tho. personally I would rather have C-cups then a big butt.

  • i want a big booty I think they look better than small flat ones. they're sexier and show signs of sexual development. they look good in clothes, make you look more womanly and men love it