Girls; why do girls want big butts?

why do girls want big butts? is it for attention? sex? guys?. I would really like to know.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I never really "wanted" one, just so happens I was blessed with a little more junk in my trunk than others.. And honestley its been nice having a big booty, guys have gone crazy over my a$$ ever since I can remember. And now that I'm married, turns out my hubby is a "butt guy" and compliments and obsesses over my bodacious behind daily.. Its nice to have a feature that's praised so much by the opposite sex. So I guess that's why women want their own butts to be big, because its attractive to men... But most caucasion females I know want the exact opposite, they usually want to be toothpicks with no jiggle in their jeans.