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My boyfriend couldn't get hard, kept slipping out. Help me out - is it me?

i asked him was it me he said I would be crazy to think that. but I mean we have been having sex for years he was my 1st. i always make him c*m a... Show More

Over a year has past and he still can't seem to get completely hard Omg

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  • Even young men can have bad days. This is compounded by over emphasis on performance. When that happens to me, I say to my SO: "Sorry ma'am not today, I guess." Since I will have already brought her off with manual/oral once, she backs up and finishes me jacking even if it only a pitiful limp dribble.

    • Any ad do? I kinda think he mite be avoiding me I texted him just to try to let em kno its OK but he never responded

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