Ladies, do you actually enjoy giving BJs?

The women I've talked to always said it was disgusting or degrading! Do you feel the same way?

i know everyone is different, I just would like to know what you, personally, think.



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  • I can understand why some women find it degrading, but I think it all really depends on how you think of it and how you "perform" the act.

    1)Giving a bj doesn't ALWAYS have to be the "submissive" thing that people make it out to be. I've only had one boyfriend, but most of the times I gave him a bj he was lying down on the bed while I kneeled over him. I was the one that was in control;) And I was doing it because I liked being able to control how he felt and while having that control making him feel good. And there was noooooothing degrading about that.

    2)Even if it's done as a submissive act it doesn't have to be some- "Yea, kneel before me and let me f*ck your face!", "Yes, darling."- type There's something very intimate about the idea of WILLINGLY submitting to a guy to the point that you'll put your mouth on his penis to give him pleasure all the while knowing that he would and will gladly submit to you to give you pleasure as well.

    It can only be degrading for the woman when the act is carried out in a "degrading" way or situation i.e.- the girl hasn't submitted to the guy willingly

    -the guy is just taking his pleasure and not willing to reciprocate

    -or the guy takes advantage of the situation, and just thrusts roughly without a care into the girl's mouth and has no consideration for the fact that it's a human mouth that has to... ya know, be able to (but, seriously...)

    But, long story short...I love giving BJs! haha

    Sorry for the long rant like answer, but this is just a topic that me and my friends have discussed a lot:) lol


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  • i can understand the degrading thing. if a guy doesn't go down on me then ill feel degraded or used honestly. I usually use that as the determining factor on whether or not I do it. if he doesn't go down on me I'm not giving him a bj. lol

    some girls do think its disgusting just like a lot of guys don't like eating vag. when you think about it it isn't hard to understand. its where you pee and come for guys and where you bleed and pee for girls. its a body part that isn't meant to be in our mouths. some people would rather keep them where they are meant to be. one of my best friends is like that. she doesn't even want a guy to go down on her because she is uncomfortable with oral sex. its a turn off. she also thinks it lacks intimacy, having someones face on her vag or hers on a guys d***. she says its like they are using agirls face to get them off and that takes away from the intimacy and closeness in sex. that's how she feels and I know other girls like that too.

    i love bjs though. I get really into it. deep throating too - the whole nine yards. its hot. I get really submissive in bed sometimes and there's something about being on my knees looking up at him that drives me crazy. plus sucking a penis is fun. I love the way he responds to me and his moaning. I love making eye contact because that seems to make things so much more intense and intimate. I love going down on girls too though so maybe I just like oral sex. I love the feeling of getting him/her off all on my own and them doing the same for me. :)

  • I love it! I like the way it tastes and it is a total turn on. I'm not sure exactly why some women don't like it actually! :)

  • It isn't disgusting or degrading.

    Feminazi's think so,anything remotely pleasing to a feminazi is a double standard or calls for a lecture.

    And aren't guys the ones with the fear of vagina in mouth?

    • Why do you have to insult feminists? we aren't all the same you know. ignorant anti-feminists like to make all kinds of random accusations toward us. so we are for sexual liberation but against blow jobs? really? that makes so much sense.

    • Wow,you must be a FEMINAZI because no where in here did I say anything about feminists....

      And not all feminists the same.

  • love love love it! :)

  • i like it, its really arousing and exciting and I love knowing that I can give my guy that kind of pleasure

    but if the guy won't kiss afterward. I know he might think its werid but its kinda a mood killer

  • I actually get turned on by giving head.

    but after I can either feel degraded or used.

    if he kisses me after it's all worth it I don't necessarily expect him to go down on me.

    if he doesn't kiss me and there's that awkward 'well I'm done now, so you could not sit there like a douche' moment I feel degraded and a little used

  • I love giving them (:

  • i love it. I ve gotten good at it now that my new boyfriend has a smaller penis than my last. lol


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  • Every girl I've ever been with said they liked it, I think some girls just think it's disgusting because they think of the penis as just a body part rather than a sexual part. I meant would you wanna suck someones "body part". lol