When a guy cums fast?

When a guy cums fast what does that mean? like within 5 to 8 minutes does it mean that he likes you? that your tight? or just that he has sex a lot or what? I just need this advice! also do guys like it when a girl lets you come in her mouth? he asked me and I told him no.. why do guys like it?


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  • 1. It means you really hit the spot just right that time.

    2. If it's regular then it's either just how he's wired, or you two are doing something just right.

    3. Yes, guys like it when they can come in their partner's mouth.


    Let me put it like this: how would you feel if every time after you made out, your boyfriend went to spit and rinse out his mouth?

    Now, think about the fact that he -doesn't-, and how that makes you feel.

    Coming in a girl's mouth carries that feeling, with a load of sexiness tied to it.

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      Haha OK that explains it.. would it be wrong to sneak a piece of gum after ha ha to rid the taste ha ha I don't know just wondering I would feel weird to just hurry and get a drink lol anyways thanks