Girls that like to give bj's?

Just curious why do you like doing it?


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  • I like doing it because my boyfriend LOVES it and I'll do about whatever he wants to make him happy because when he's happy, I'm happy (not sure if it sounds like I'm just pleasing him and him not pleasing me, because he does). I love the fact that he's given me the dominance and he's submissive while doing it. And also it just makes me feel dirty when he's pulling on my head.

    The best part is when its over and he cums in my mouth because its really funny when we look at each other and we just crack up and the some of the come gets out of my mouth and I lick it up. Lol. Love it.


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  • I love the naughtyness of having a penis in my mouth and it feels good besides. I don't mind the taste of come so that is not a problem either and lastly I know the guy I am doing is really enjoying what he is getting.

  • Because they're whores! =) I thinks its gross. That guy has used that to f*** other girls in who knows how many places. You don't know if she's clean. You don't know if your man is clean either! I laugh at the girls who get diseases and warts in the throats and act like its a surprise! Its sucks for them. But they deserved it. They decided to be a slut, so they paid the price of "a good time". Silly whores.




    (no offense) =P

  • I enjoy making my boyfriend feel good.

  • Love the look on the guy's face when he cums. But I consider bj very intimate and have only done with 2 guys and love them both. I would have sex with a guy I wouldn't give bj too and have done before

  • I love doing something nice for my guy, and I LOVE knowing I can please him in ways other than just sex. Plus, I just like playing with the penis in general and there's nothing more fun than playing with your mouth. :)

  • "Well first thing is that you just like to make him feel good.

    And then of course, it's cool and funny when you can make a grown man moan and beg"

    i completly agree with this answerrr :) haha.

  • haha I love doing it because its amazing! Ha I love the comment about making a man moan and beg! lmao. anyways I think its hot to look up and he looks so into it! ha like his jaw dropped and him moaning! ha ha then he wants to come in my mouth- ha that was a new experience for me, wasn't bad at all, since then I have wanted to do it everytime.. almost lol because I love the fact that he loves when I'm his dirty little slut and then he wants me all the time cause he can't get enough of me, ha it drives a guy wild that's why! depending on the guy, I have heard that some guys hate it, especially if they had a bad experience where the girl didn't do it right! :) good luck!

  • Well first thing is that you just like to make him feel god.

    And then of course, it's cool and funny when you can make a grown man moan and beg.

    it just awesome. I don't know if it's a little power trip or something.

    Normally people say that it's very submissive to give a bj. But really, girls giving a bj has got plenty of power. Just remember, she can do anything with it, and it is really a trust issue.

  • I do it cos I like the guy and it makes me feel happy to please him..

    also, I like feeling kinda naughty :)

    • By concealing your identity you are denying yourself the recognition and appreciation of the male community....

    • No she is not, maybe she has friends on here from school or church or something to where she wouldn't want them knowing what questions she answered! :)

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  • Just the same reasons why I like cunnilingus. It's not about the taste but the most unselfish thing I can do to my partner. It is sortof a power trip too. The slightest movement of the tongue can send shivers up her spine. Plus it is great for foreplay because she gets a cookie, gets wet and I get aroused as well.

    • I hate it when the man grabs the womans head and moves her back anf forth.. its like theyre takin the power away

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    • Yeah .. that actually stimulates the woman.. but holding the head makes the woman feel like a sex toy

    • Every so often that's a good feeling. Once in a while, I wanna be a dirty little slut, but just for my guy. Not enough that he loses respect for me in daily life, just enough to make my submissive side happy.

  • I'd imagine it's all about making the other happy. That's why I go down on girls.

  • They do if they love you. My SO chose to give me one last night unexpectedly (and un-showered). Not sure how much she liked it but she was sure I did, which is why she did it and she liked that.