Can female thigh's spread naturally?

Alright.. This has been on my mind for a VERY long time, and I'm pretty sure other guy's have probably thought of this also.

When you see a girl threw the front/ or back side, you can see how their thigh's are partly spread apart from each other. As a small amount of spacing due to adulthood. But in younger girl's they don't develop that spacing unless they are very active in sex.. Take my ex for example. When she ran when I first met her, her knees would touch each other very frequently or even when she walked. But due to sex/ and what not.. Her leg's are further spread apart...

What I'm trying to ask is this... do the thigh portion spread even without sexual activity's in women? or say if someone says their a virgin.. Could being intimate with themselves cause this thigh portion to spread on it's own. (Masturbation) I'm just curious.


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  • Sexual activity might increase the hormone production which causes these physical changes, but these hormones are also naturally produced through puberty. These physical traits shouldn't be taken as a guarantee that a girl is having sex or masturbating.

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      Yeah that's what I thought.