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Can female thigh's spread naturally?

Alright.. This has been on my mind for a VERY long time, and I'm pretty sure other guy's have probably thought of this also. When you see a girl... Show More

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  • Sexual activity might increase the hormone production which causes these physical changes, but these hormones are also naturally produced through puberty. These physical traits shouldn't be taken as a guarantee that a girl is having sex or masturbating.

    • Yeah that's what I thought.

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  • There's no connection between the two. It all depends on bone structure and fat distribution.

  • People who make a correlation between sex and physical appearance are quite ignorant on the issue.

    I know plenty of girls who have spaces and are virgins,I know quite a few virgin athletes who have spaces

    • That's an important factor that I'v personally never thought of. And sorry if I offended anyone by this question. But yeah thanks.

  • well, it usually depends, like I'm a virgin, but I ride horses, and have been for quite a few years, that can cause a females thigh's to spread a bit, it just depends on the female id say. and being intimate with yourself shouldn't cause the thighs to spread.

    • Well.. What if she uses "things" it would cause it to spread... I need answer's not guesses :P Thank you though

    • Like I said it just depends on the female, sometimes they're born like that. not all females masturbate, virgins or not virgins. sometimes yes, the thighs do spread due to sports, as I said, but it just depends on their body.

  • Sex doesn't change your body like that. Their tights get apart from each other, because growing up girls get bigger hips, while the legs mostly stay skinny. There are some sports that can have an affect but certainley not sex

What Guys Said 2

  • I will try to remain impartial as much as possible. T think what you are trying to say is true. I have tested it very often. I think a girl who is decently active in sex, will certainly have such signs.

    • What if she is a virgin, and has those signs... Does this mean she's intimate with herself?

    • Let me make one last comment, the fact towhich evangelina214 and you are referering is rare, even not more than 5%. Lets take it on the big picture, if I have something precious I"ll certainly want to save it but if it is lost, who cares?

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