When your boyfriend goes to a strip club, what do you do? Ladies?

OKAY. Honestly, I HATE that he goes but I don't want to tell him stuff that it's immoral and hold him to my opinion when his guys urge him to go with... Show More

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  • i wouldn't like the idea of it either. but guess what, when he goes to the strip clubs - get your girls and go to a night club. wear a sexy dress and go out and party. don't sit at hom upset about what he's doing, go out and have fun yourself. if it's OK for him to do it then you should do it too. most likely he will probably get jealous but guess what, if its OK for him to go to strip clubs but he sees that you are upset by it then he should stop! if he doesn't then try and turn the tables on him. if he is going to see naked/topless women with his guys (at the very least) then there should be nothing wrong with you dressing sexy and dancing with your girls and around other guys. what's good for the goose is good for the gander

    • Funny you say this. I was thinking the same thing last night after I wrote this. I do love dancing and it really has been a long time I haven't gone because of classes, work, family(strict!), etc. You're totally right. Thanks girl!

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    • You're friggin awesome :) I just got a whole bunch of friends to go out to a frat party this week. Nothing too crazy aaaand here's the dress: http://www.amiclubwear.com/clothing-top-e5-d5341teal.html#

      Yes or no?

      I casually brought it up with him and he didn't seem to mind at all. I guess it's what I needed.

    • That is a really cute dress, its not slutty at all, I would have gone the hoochier route lmao but it's really cute. hope you had a good time