How can I make my boyfriend scream in bed?

Me and my boyfriend have been Dating for bout 3 years I love him to bits and he loves me, we have good! Sex and never disappointed however he just lays there no sound no emotion I no he enjoys it, and he always finishes but how Can I really make him scream!

please answer my question


Most Helpful Girl

  • i am no expert on sex. but me and my boyfriend have been going out for 3 years now as well.

    before we have sex I give him a little massage on his penis. (NOT WANKING)

    there is a different between wanking and massage.

    use mainly ur hands and once a little while use ur mouth . (but only to keep him wet so he doesn't gets to dry and it hurts him)

    then use the other hands and play with his balls. (also massage that area )

    after you think he is ready for sex. he would be sooo arouse and bursting to cum

    that when he does.

    he will "scream"