How can I make my boyfriend scream in bed?

Me and my boyfriend have been Dating for bout 3 years I love him to bits and he loves me, we have good! Sex and never disappointed however he just lays there no sound no emotion I no he enjoys it, and he always finishes but how Can I really make him scream!

please answer my question


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  • i am no expert on sex. but me and my boyfriend have been going out for 3 years now as well.

    before we have sex I give him a little massage on his penis. (NOT WANKING)

    there is a different between wanking and massage.

    use mainly ur hands and once a little while use ur mouth . (but only to keep him wet so he doesn't gets to dry and it hurts him)

    then use the other hands and play with his balls. (also massage that area )

    after you think he is ready for sex. he would be sooo arouse and bursting to cum

    that when he does.

    he will "scream"


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  • When my girl and I made love the first time was afraid the screaming would wake the whole motel. Afterwards she was very embarrassed. Apparently she had never been with a screamer before. :)

  • try jabbing a pencil into his eyesocket. that should make him scream.

  • Tie him up and slowly masturbate him almost to orgasm. Stop abruptly, wait twenty seconds and start over (you can use oral sex if you like but people tend to get tired after awhile). Tell him that you won't keep going unless he moans. Later, tell him he can't come unless he screams. He'll learn.

    • I have tried that he is too strong fo to tie up lol I tease him all the time, maybe some men just don't like to make noise thank for ur answer I will try that tonight. Another question for you. If I want sex and my fella doesn't how can I get him horny ??

    • Anyone can be restrained, its just a matter of how much effort it will take. I do think that a lot men stay quiet during sex because they think that is what men do.

      As far as getting a man horny, I find a woman who is masturbating hard to resist.

  • I'm not much of a moaner or screamer. When I'm really into it I'm more of the dirty talker.

    I'm not sure how many guys are screamers in real life.


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  • Stick two fingers into his anus, while giving him a blow job. Not only it'll make him scream but he'll be singing Opera. (get some ear plugs!) Haaaaallelujah!

    • Only one finger please!

    • Haha.. 1 finger is good enough! hahah... My guy likes it when I put both fingers in. I do have have really skinny fingers. :-)

  • I haven't really had much for boyfriends that scream. A lot of them have moaned but none were really screamers. I am a screamer, big time, but none of them have. As long as they moan and I know it feels good to them, I'm happy.

  • haha probably squeeze his balls as soon as he starts cumming! lol! j/k Maybe he's the quiet type that doesn't show much emotion to what he's enjoying.

  • not too many guys are vocal in bed. I think I have only met 2 really