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Guys would you let your girlfriend have a threesome with another guy?

My boyfriend and I communicate really well about like what turns us on and off and what our fantasies are, etc. He's always saying that he wants to... Show More

so basically you guys think I should either lie (or omit the truth if you like to sugar coat things) to my boyfriend about this or break up with him? those aren't options that I like! lol

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  • It all depends on your relationship. I personally would be up for it. my girlfriend gets hit on all the time and I've told her if she wants a 3 way with another guy that its cool I just wouldn't want it to be someone we know as there might be an emotional attraction going on as well behind the scenes and that could make things messy down the line. I would say talk to him (after sex) and tell him what you want to do it, perhaps pick up a guy in a club or on craigslist or something. It all depends on if you both agree on it.

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  • It's not easy to answer this question in general.

    It is one point to have this or any other sexual fantasy that your boyfriend could not fulfill, but is a complete other point to put it into action.

    If you really want to experience this so badly, you should do this, IF otherwise you would regret it the rest of your life.

    But I'm not sure, if it's a good idea to ask your boyfriend for this, doesn't matter if he would get involved or not. If you would ask him you should be aware of, what you will do if he says no.

    If you are sure he will be okay with this, and/but you will not do it if he is not, then ask him. Otherwise don't do it or do it VERY secretly.

    I'm not sure if I would say yes, if my girlfriend would ask me this. But if this is one of her deepest desires I think I would be okay with this, maybe only to prevent that she would regret it her and my lifetime. But in this case I would prefer that she would do it without my knowing. And if I would discover it I would understand her excuse.

    You know your boyfriend better then any other, I hope, so you have to choose the right choice.

    Have luck!

    (Btw, if you do so, maybe you would tell me, how do you liked it. Sometimes fantasy and reality are different, better or worse.)

  • Personally, I don't know, I would probably do it. Getting the right guy would be a problem. You aren't f***ing one of my friends, that is for sure. But if somehow you could come up with the right guy, I'd be OK with it. If you guys are in to fantasizing and all that, do it. I don't think I would try to quell anything my girlfriend wanted. As long as I was part of it.

  • Basically, speaking on behalf of the average good guys out there. We unite and say you should be single if you want to do that type of stuff. Period. No ifs no buts. If your sure you want to do it then speak to your boyfriend about it. Just don't be supprised if he dumps you there and then or if he does say yes don't be supprised if this issue comes back to bite you in the arse 6 months down the line.


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    • Lol...my boyfriend is a decent understanding guy. he's not so shallow or insecure that he would do what you would do. he would never dump me for asking about something. he's mature and kind and we would talk about it like we have talked about other things. that I already know because I know the kind of man he is. he isn't the type of man who runs away at the mention of something like this. little boys do that not men. anyway I just don't know if he would say yes that's all I'm wondering.

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    • Yeah well thank god I'm not dating them right? Age has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. I'm only 20 and I've met 40 year old boys. And yes I think running away when your girlfriend tells you something that she hasn't even done yet but would like to do is childish and immature. You want her to lie to you basically. Again. guys like you are not even in the same realm as my boyfriend. Like totally different caliber. It's OK if you think I'm a "slag" I'll sleep at night I promise babe.

    • Either way I'm not here to argue with you. I wouldn't want my girlfriend to lie to me. I would sit down and discuss it with her and tell her that if she wanted to do stuff like that she would be better off being single. The fact that your getting all defense about this shows your lack of understanding from the point I'm trying to make. Good for you if you have a boyfriend who is willing to share your sexual fantasies with you. I just think you've got replies from the wrong type of men.

  • Everyone else is right here. It's OK to explore your sexuality with your boyfriend but if you even consider asking him to let you have sex with another man let alone many, don't be supprised if there's a whole in the wall shaped like your boyfriend. And yes I would dump you quicker than you can say "3".

    You have no right to ask him if you love him and if he agree's then it quite obvious that your getting your love feelings mixed up with lust.

    Sorry to be so blunt but that isn't love and everyone knows it.

    • So you're saying you wouldn't have a 3 some with 2 girls?

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    • Lmao. wow.

    • I absolutely agree with you, chuckone!

      It'd be very, very detrimental to your relationship, no matter what you think at the moment. It's also a bit selfish. I wouldn't even be with a guy that would be fine with me doing that.

      Fantasies are great because they can be your secret and they're safe. It's just better for them to stay fantasies sometimes.

  • Although I'm open to kinky fantasies, no I would not approve of this. If this is what you desire then you should not be in a relationship

    • :(

  • If my wife said she wanted to do this I would agree to it. She has held that fantasy for a long time and if she finally said she wanted to do it for real i would say go for it.

  • I would appreciate that my girlfriend was that honest with me and didn't just go bang a bunch of other guys. I would appreciate that honesty so much that I wouldn't rule it out completely. I would have to have a real long talk with her about it so she understands my feelings on the subject. If it turns out that it isn't for me I would hope that she cared for me enough to not lie and just go do it anyway. If my girlfriend went out and did it anyway I consider that cheating and break up with her. Hope I helped!

  • Well, if my girlfriend asked me for a threesome, I would say yes probably. But only if we find the right guy (not my friend or hers).

    And after that, I would asker to find a girl too, so be prepared for a threesome with another girl.

    But if she asked me for a gang bang, that I would say no too. That is a very bad thing to be seeing by a bf...

    • Why is that ? if you don't mind me asking.

    • Because seeing her being f***ed by multiple guys at same time is disgusting.

      The other guys will have no respect for her and, because I'm her boyfriend, I do care about that and I don't want to see that.

      Would you like to see your boyfriend being dominated by 4 or 5 girls at same time?

  • If my girl wanted to Id be up for it.

  • yes i would let her if i was to join.

  • I am going to let my gf f..k guys in front of me. Double penetration, threesomes. Were very open its so hot. I wish you the best

  • i've been thinking about how hot it would be to gangbang my girlfriend for a while, but don't know if it would end up messing up the relationship.. we both fantasize about this and love each other a lot, and don't mess around outside of our relationship... what do you think?

  • I would do it but not with a friend or anyone you'd have to be around later - pretty awkward. And make sure there's absolutely no contact of any kind (physical, eye contact, whatever) between the guys. As long as those conditions are met it would be hot seeing my girl s*** another guys d*** and get f***ed in front of me. I don't know about the whole gang bang thing, but her with a couple guys (me being one) is a major turn on. Same as threesome with another chick.

  • well, if I thought of my girlfriend as trash and didn't care if I was dating her or single, I'd definitely do that. if my girlfriend wanted that, I'd break up with her.

  • there sure are some strange people out there

  • Depends on the guy, if he is comfortable sharing you, other issues like stds etc, and possiiblity of complication if you end up liking someone else more than him, it has happened etc..

    • Stds wouldn't be an issue. testing. and I wouldn't ever start liking someone just because I had sex with them. I love my boyfriend. I might love sex with another guy but I wouldn't love them like I love my boyfriend. by the way my question was would YOU let your girlfriend do it?

  • I would dump her within 24 hours of her bringing this up...long enough to round up my gear or move hers into the hallway.

  • I've actually tired this with an ex of mine many years ago. We've always talked about during sex, how hot and freaky it would be to bring a guy/girl even a couple into the bedroom.
    So when we finally put everything together and it was all said and done. I can tell you this, no matter how much your boyfriend loves you... He will never look at you or treat you the same after that.
    If you're fantasizing bout sex with other men, even if you don't put a face on them, then something is lacking in your relationship. Maybe he can't get you to that screaming toe curling orgasm or he's not showing you enough attention in general.

    Anyway, My mistake was not giving her enough attention and allowing the gang bang. She ended up loving it and if you love something... It's not gunna be a one time thing. She started working late or hanging out with friends from work.

    She said she'd never do it again, but I caught her and that was the end of us. I'm not saying it will end your relationship... but there is a very good chance.

  • wow. fucking slut

  • never,dumb slutty.

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  • My current guy will find guys to do me, because he knows I like the kinky stuff like that. We lead a very open relationship and he has been very happy to watch several of his guy friends work me over and I have enjoyed watching him do other girls. Its a lifestyle and not everyone is good with it, but all you can do is seriously ask your guy friend and see what happens. Good luck and I can tell you that these things you want to do are hot and such a turn on while they are happening to you.

    • I envy you lol

  • I know I'm not a Man. But on this topic, I say no Man who truly loves, respects, honours and cares about his Women would ever let another Man have sex with her, let alone see her naked or even think of her in that way. If my Boyfriend even hinted it was OK for me to have sex with other Men I would be worried and I would leave him. If a your man is suggesting that he's OK with it I would really be worried. Open minded or not, it's just wrong!

    • I disagree. so you think people from cultures throughout history and even today all over the world where polygamy and polyamorous relationships are common don't respect, love, and honor one another? that seems a bit ignorant and uncultured to me (not to mention way too conservative of a view for my taste) but to each is own. love your pic though. jessica alba? she's hot. :)

    • I totally agree with your answer JayJay. But if she likes being treated like a whore then it's her choice I guess.

    • Well-put.

  • I seriously doubt your Boyfriend would be okay with this. If he loves you, he wants you for himself not to share with other guys.

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