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How can I ask a girl if she is bi?

well my boyfriend is OK with me picking up girls. so I wanna get a girl, but how do I find out if she is bi? because girls get freaked out if... Show More

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  • Casual conversation. Be-friend them first. Then just bring up the subject. Pretty easy.

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  • Go to a club where lesbians/bi women hang out. Not ALL will be, but it's the kind of atmosphere where you can ask, and not feel weird about it. :)

  • Lol it's very hard to tell. But if you befriend a girl and she's comfortable with the fact that she's bi or just likes to screwed around with girls, then your lucky. But other than that.. Can't help you. I am bi sexual myself =)

  • get a friend to ask. or someone close to that girl to ask her

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