Why do men's testicles change in size - sometimes really big other times smaller?

Does this indicate that he might have recently had sex or is that just the ebb and flow of the testes?


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  • The size of the testes does not reflect if a men has recently had sex or not. The size or state of position they are in, ie. compressed and small or dangling and big, do reflect, however, sexual arousal, room temperature, and climate comfortability.

    When not sexually aroused, the scrotum is usually larger and free to dangle, as to help in the production of semen and keep the temperature slightly below body temperature.

    When sexually aroused, the scrotum compresses to prepare the "path way" for the semen to ejaculate with the required force.

    Usually when it is cold, the scrotum will also compress to keep a comfortable temperature for the sperm to produce and stay alive, when it is hot the scrotum will drop away from the body more to cool off.

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