Do most women dislike swallowing or allowing a man to ejaculate in their mouth during oral sex then spitting

my wife says that any women who say they like swallowing semen or letting a guy come in their mouth are lying. She used to do it until about a year or two after we got married now I get the old "stop me before it blows" line.


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  • i actually really do enjoy the act of swallowing. not because I think the come tastes great or anything like that, but I feel like its the only proper way to finish of a blow job. I get so turned on by having him still in my mouth while he is cumming. I thought it was gross before I ever tried it, but now, I can't imagine not swallowing after giving a bj.


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  • I'm fine with it for my guy. I wouldn't want to do it if he didn't love it so much, but I know that he does and that's enough to make it hot for me.

  • I think the reason your wife has become this way is because the need to impress you has gone! As a new relationship blossoms a women generally will do many things to keep the guy happy swallowing being one of them!

    I still swallow after 2 years with my fella for 2 reasons, one for I love to be really dirty an I feel this is something which my guy appreciates but also because I think to spit it out is disgusting!

    I think your women is correct but incorrect in saying any women who says they enjoy it are lying because I can't say I like it but I wouldn't do it if I disliked it, I guess its something some women "get used to"

    • I can tell you that no guy I have ever met would care if a woman spit it out as long as they let us come in her mouth. Now I am told that I do extremely well when I give my wife oral sex. She says she has an organism every time and strong ones. but she says I give her one during intercourse but I don't buy it. I am not that good and not that big. Only 6 inches when hard. I am on medication for my back which can make it last a very long time that also can be a problem.

  • I would have to be inberated not saying I would not I would acquire a great deal of intimicy if I chose to

  • Perhaps your diet has changed and your cum doesn't taste great anymore. Good tasting cum is pretty irresistible, so you might want to start eating more fruits and vegetables and try again.

  • I a lot of people don't, but I enjoy it.

  • I don't like it a lot and actually I don't think many girls do.Most probably don't mind it either, so they just do it becuase it turns guys on (for what reason ever) And of course there are some that hate it, but in that case she probably wouldn't have done that for you so long. But to be honest I haven't met a single girl who says she especially loves swallowing,most just don't care much

    Like already has been said, when you're in fresh in a new relationship you do things to impress your partner, even though you don't absolutley love it.

    • To be able to come in a woman's mouth is really a huge turn on. it is hard to explain but it is hard to understand why a woman finds a penis a turn on. Maybe the fact that she is allowing you to do something that feels so good but may not be exactly pleasant for her kind of a "doing something dirty" that is a turn on. I don't think I am really coming across right but you want to put your guy through the roof, hold it in your mouth and show it too him before you swallow.

    • I didn't expect any1 to be able to explain it, but thx for the try :) Still I absolutley don't get it. Is it the way it looks?i.e do you also find it attractive if she holds ice cream in her mouth and swallows it? or is it more the feeling? whatever feeling it gives you, love, trust idk

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  • Of course I can't speak for every man, but I'll try anyway.

    The most satisfying BJ finishes with us coming while she is still sucking and stroking. A sudden stop/withdrawal and coming in the open air either still stoking or (worse) that stopped too takes away 50% of the satisfaction of a BJ.

    The best finish has the girl knowing the moment when ejaculation starts. At that point, intense stimulation should stop as well, replaced by hand-milking the p3nis under moderate vacuum with head movement in "in step" with hand milking., stopping with the last contraction, but holding moderate vacuum. Then, after a minute or so, her hand and mouth should go down as far as comfortable, with one last "good to the last drop" firm sucking/milking pull. Yowza!

  • It's never pleasant for them even if they are motivated to do it. Think in terms of Clorox-flavored snot. You may want to evaluate what you are doing for her. If you are not giving her slobbering, ground shaking oral sex, she does not have much incentive to give it to you. If you are doing this, it may be time for conversation.