What do guys like done to them in bed?

What does a guy like done in bed? All the men out there, tell the truth! Honestly, what do you like in bed?


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  • Different guys like different things. But basically, guys like to feel great, and they like to be able to make YOU feel great. Sex is a give and take. They give you pleasure, and you give them pleasure. Guys love intercourse and getting oral from you. And they like to pleasure you by giving you oral too.

    Just experiment with your guy (try adamevetoys.com) and don't take it too seriously, so you'll find that you have a great time with him. ;-)


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  • Every guy will have a different preference or idea about what is best. The important part is that you're enjoying yourself. It will be clear to him whether or not you're having fun, so do the things that you like.

    Ask him whether or not he likes what you do. Once you know what he likes the best, you'll probably have a more relaxed and enjoyable time.

  • Wow....ok listen to what the girls said....guys not so much, lol. If you really want to get him fired up, use denial. Tease the ever loving hell out of him. Get naked on top of him. But don't let him touch. Deny him everything he wants untill he literally begs for it. Lemme know how it works.

  • They like it when you ask them what they like in bed.

  • Sex...haha. What I find really hot is when a girl gives me her her full undivided attention, like my body is the only thing in the world she desires and now that she's got it, it makes her sooo happy. Be playful and be willing to try new stuff and when your doing something, act like it's the thing you've always wanted to do the most (even if it's not). Your guy will love it.

  • Your guy would like YOU most in bed. I could care less what your doing as long as my girl is there with me.

    Good Luck!!

    • Wow! Too bad there aren't too many guys that feel that same way. You will definitely have a long lasting, loving relationship with an attitude like that. Wish I could of heard those kind words from my ex-guy. Good luck!

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  • Well if you're going all out to please him then push him on the bed and take his shirt off, lie on top of him and lick a line from his chest down to his cock and take his trousers off and give him a blow job for starters. Then tell him he can do whatever he wants... they love it!

  • Oral sex is definitely tops on most guys list. If you don't do that then lots of teasing.

  • First of all you are gorgeous so guys want a woman like you. Secondly most good guys, would to please you. guys really want a woman to be into the sex. we want you to enjoy it. But we love getting our cocks sucked, love getting kissed all over our bodies, we love to do it doggie style, Some love to have you on top.