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Why do you think he's trying to get me pregnant so early on?

My boyfriend took condom off without telling me right before 'cum'ing inside me We have only been dating for a couple months. He casually said to me... Show More


By the way guys, I confronted him about it and he said he was joking to see what I would do or say

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  • He's crazy and obsessed. If you don't get yourself on the pill or get an IUD fast he's going to get you pregnant whether you want it or not. You have a choice allow him to get you pregnant or not. For all you know he could be poking holes in the condoms to allow sperm to escape inside you. You've got a nut case on your hands.

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  • Perhaps he think you'll stay with him if you two have a baby together or something... either way it's creepy.

    • My booyfriend did that to me and I toldhim that I didn't want to yet.He kept trying and I stoped seeing him.And by the way I had to change my locks.

  • Guys are born with primal instinct and desire to produce as many children as possible within his lifetime. (which is why guys are so much hornier than girls oftentimes) - It's not surprising that he has shown behavior like that because as a boy, his brain and sense of instinct are telling HIS BIOLOGICAL, NUMBER ONE GOAL/PURPOSE IN LIFE, IS TO CAUSE AS MANY IMPREGNATIONS AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

  • If a guy is talking like this, on some level he either wants to make you pregnant or he wants the thrill of the risk of getting you pregnant. I have had several girls who I knew were not on birth control ask me to come inside them, and most of the time I have still pulled out, but there have been a few times where I could not resist that kind of temptation. It's a really good feeling to let the moment and the passion take over like that, but it's also a little scary afterward. I suppose there is a reason why there are 6 billion of us on the planet...

  • He loves you and wants a baby :) 28 and a good job is a good age to get a baby with your love. hope it works out :)

What Girls Said 5

  • UMM I just read your update and I'm pretty sure he wasn't joking.. no guy would go out of their way to make a joke like that. if you took it too seriously and broke up with him he'd be stupid. I think he really wants it and that's probably not the best thing..

  • i would be like hey umm we need to talk about this first this is a big responsiblity in front of I mean I'm training to be a RN and man its just a lot of work you have to make sure he is absolutely ready as well as you and I would be p*ssed ha ha that's just me

  • maybe he just doesn't wanna get too old to have a baby. orrrr maybe he's got baby fever really bad

  • RUN! I was with a guy that "wanted a baby" and when we thought I might be preg. he freaked. please run while you can.

  • Dont let this guy ruin your future. he's probably trying to trap you because he is a loser. seriously RUN WHILE YOU CAN! unless the vision of single motherhood, struggling living in a trailer park/ghetto excites you get out. GUYS LIKE THIS ARE LOSERS! if he does get you pregnant what do you think the chances of him staying are? really? also guys like this have a tendency to be controlling/abusive so watch out. you also said that he is "very insecure". that can go along with future abusive behavior. also if he is trying to get you pregnant without even thinking how you feel then that is another sign this guy would be abusive and controlling and selfish.dont say I didn't warn you

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