Why do you think he's trying to get me pregnant so early on?

My boyfriend took condom off without telling me right before 'cum'ing inside me

We have only been dating for a couple months. He casually said to me he wanted a baby and I just presumed he meant 'in general' when the time is right. Lately he's been showing strong signs that he wants a baby, putting pics of him and his nephew up on his profile pic and recently a little baby saying how cute it was. Now I comment on the pic saying 'whoa, you really wanna baby don't ya' and he replies saying 'yeah I came in you last time'. I then said 'no you didn't, you wore protection' and he said he took it off prior to cumming. WTF. Why do you think he's trying to get me pregnant so early on? do you think he loves me to want a baby? he's 28 and has a great job. But is very insecure and I know he feels he isn't good enough for me?!?!


By the way guys, I confronted him about it and he said he was joking to see what I would do or say


Most Helpful Guy

  • He's crazy and obsessed. If you don't get yourself on the pill or get an IUD fast he's going to get you pregnant whether you want it or not. You have a choice allow him to get you pregnant or not. For all you know he could be poking holes in the condoms to allow sperm to escape inside you. You've got a nut case on your hands.