What do girls do in the shower? why do they take long?

Hi I know this sounds like a dumb question but I'm a curious person... why do girls take long to shower? how long do y'all take normally to shower?... Show More

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  • Ok, some girls DO masturbate in the shower but that is not generally the reason it takes us so long in the shower. I will outline the general order in which I (and most of my friends) do in the shower;

    1) Rinse through hair until it's very wet ( 1-2 minutes)

    2) apply shampoo, rub through hair (often do some kind of scalp massage, 3 minutes)

    3) rinse out shampoo (1-2 minutes- it takes longer the longer your hair is, when my hair was very long I'd be rinsing for a good 5 minutes)

    4) apply conditioner (30 secs- 1 min) -you need to leave it in for a few minutes (between 1-5)

    - Whilst waiting to rinse conditioner I wash my face, which takes a couple of minutes,

    5) Rinse conditioner out (1-2 minutes- again takes longer if you have long hair)

    6) exfoliate everywhere (arms, legs, back, bum, thighs...anything I can reach) and rinse (again about 5-7 minutes)

    7) Body wash ( 2-3 minutes)

    Then on every other day I shave- underarms, legs and lady area - the whole thing takes between 10- 20 minutes)

    So, on normal days it'll take about 20-30 minutes and then longer when shaving. That doesn't mean that I don't on occasion have quick showers just sometimes it feels nice to spend some extra time... I rarely masturbate in the shower though.

    • exactly this

    • Thats What I do, but I also masturbate :l