What do girls do in the shower? why do they take long?

Hi I know this sounds like a dumb question but I'm a curious person... why do girls take long to shower? how long do y'all take normally to shower? currently my friend is staying in my home with me temporary she is 18yrs old single and every time she gets on the shower she takes over 40 min to take a shower... I normally take 10 min in and I'm back out... do girls tend to masturbate in the shower perhaps? is the only thing I can think of for why she would take so long lol. please excuse my dumb question and enlighten me with some answers


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  • Ok, some girls DO masturbate in the shower but that is not generally the reason it takes us so long in the shower. I will outline the general order in which I (and most of my friends) do in the shower;

    1) Rinse through hair until it's very wet ( 1-2 minutes)

    2) apply shampoo, rub through hair (often do some kind of scalp massage, 3 minutes)

    3) rinse out shampoo (1-2 minutes- it takes longer the longer your hair is, when my hair was very long I'd be rinsing for a good 5 minutes)

    4) apply conditioner (30 secs- 1 min) -you need to leave it in for a few minutes (between 1-5)

    - Whilst waiting to rinse conditioner I wash my face, which takes a couple of minutes,

    5) Rinse conditioner out (1-2 minutes- again takes longer if you have long hair)

    6) exfoliate everywhere (arms, legs, back, bum, thighs...anything I can reach) and rinse (again about 5-7 minutes)

    7) Body wash ( 2-3 minutes)

    Then on every other day I shave- underarms, legs and lady area - the whole thing takes between 10- 20 minutes)

    So, on normal days it'll take about 20-30 minutes and then longer when shaving. That doesn't mean that I don't on occasion have quick showers just sometimes it feels nice to spend some extra time... I rarely masturbate in the shower though.


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  • Multi-tasking (ie shaving while the conditioner is setting in my hair) has saved me some good time, but it still takes 20-30 minutes for me. Like everyone else said, we have to get our hair wet (for you probably happens instantly. For long, thick hair, it takes a minute or two), shampoo, condition, shave, wash with body wash... Then of course there is the fact that the hot water is so nice and I never want to get out, so I stand tere for like 5 minutes. I CAN shower in 5 minutes, if I just jump in and out, but that's no fun...

  • we lather, rinse, repeat, we soap and we shave in the shower. I get that guys masturbate in the shower but standing and masturbating for girls isn't exactly preferable. I take so long because showers are relaxing and I like the hot water so I don't rush

  • Rinse through hair, shampoo, rinse again, put in conditioner, body wash, face wash, acne wash for my shoulders, shave my legs and arms and downstairs, rinse out conditioner.

    When all is said and done, it easily takes thirty or forty minutes for a girl to shower. If I try to finish quickly sometimes I can get it all done in twenty or twenty-five minutes.

  • shaving takes forever.

  • it takes me less than 5 minutes to shower.

    i lather, rinse, wash my face with a cleanser, and I'm done.

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  • Take your 10 minutes. Read the instructions on her shampoo and conditioner bottles and add in that time. Next add in the time it takes you to shave, which you probably don't do in the shower, and double it since she's got more places to shave. Then factor in two or three kinds of soap and rinse instead of just one. Add those all up and you'll probably be wondering how she gets out of there in only 40 minutes.

  • My guess would have to do with the fact that they have 10 million different bottles of soap and shampoo lol. I don't see the need for all that, but that's maybe what they are doing. I do know that having long hair requires a lot more care than just shampooing then rinsing out. I know I'll take like 10 or 15 minutes, but that's because I stand under the hot water because it feels great.

    • Thats so true we have so many thing to do while bath othewise we wouldn?t be that pretty , beauty takes pain and time.

    • Don't you wish you were a guy? lol

  • As all the gelz have said, there's rinsing, shampooing, lathering, unshampooing, reshampooing, relathering, unshampooing, conditioning, applying liberal amounts of body wash, applying liberal amounts of moisturiser, making sure the bits between your fingernails are clean (does anyone else do that), and some girls shave in here. Then ofcourse, there's the drying time. I usually take about 20-30 minutes though. I guess it just depends how involved in it you get.

  • I'm not girls and I might take a long time in the shower, not doing anything bad but the cold water makes me freeze and then everything goes so slow.