I wanna give him a BJ?

I want to give this guy a BJ. (We're not dating, just friends) He wants one, I want to give him one. I've done it before many times, then it just happened tho. Sometimes he'll ask for one, and ill say no because its awkward when he asks.So.. How would I give a BJ if he asked? Just start kissing him or just go straight for the pants?I heard he's quite big, so it makes me nervous/excited. Also, when I give a blow job, I like to be sexy (look him in the eyes while doing it) etc. I like to deept hroat, and use my hand while bobbing. So.. Do you think he'd like it? Should I remove my clothes to get him more turned on? So, my question (s) really are:What do you like with a BJ? Does my description sound good? Should I remove my clothes? if so, how much. And if he "asks" for one, should I do it, and how should I start?


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  • why would you want to do that? sounds really random...

    • Look I don't even like to get Bj's, so I'm not the right person to answer you. I just gave you my opinion.

    • So I'm an easy who*e because I turn down every guy who wants to get with me, except him? sure.

    • Sex won't make a man fall in love with you. If you want to show him you're an easy whor3, sure, go ahead and blow him.

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  • IF you are absolutely set on doing this... can you at least tell him you'll do it if he returns the favor? You deserve some physical pleasure as well...And you know what you're doing, I'm sure you know what to do.