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GUYS- All over body kisses?

Are you guys used to having women kiss you all over your body? I had sex with my guy a few times and I love kissing him all over! I kiss his thighs,... Show More

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  • i had it done alot. I just am not crazy about my nipples getting kissed or sucked on cause they are very very sensitive. I can have them touched, but something about kissed that I don't know how I feel about it. its a weird feeling, not bad, not good. just weird. so kisses all over is awesome!

    • Thanks! I just did a poll regarding nipples.

    • Lol I seen... LOL

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  • Sorry, I don't care for it. it does not bother me, but it does nothing for me.

  • It is not what I have experienced, but I certainly wouldn't complain:) He is a lucky guy:)

  • I don't care for it either. I'm kind of ticklish too. Now the funny thing is I do that for my girl to build up some anticipation/excitement before I hit the land down under.

  • i personally love wen girls kiss me all over. honestly I think that most guys do. its very sexy and it shows that you want to please him and that you care about him. it mite sound weird but its true.

    hope that helpd

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