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Girls, have you ever "flashed" a guy, say a stranger that was hot?

For example, in a library, opening your legs enough where he can see your panties? Or getting out of a booth or car or at a coffee shop, etc. If so,... Show More

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  • I bent over with a low cut top on the other day at work to pick something up when I knew a guy I liked was watching. Not sure if he knew I was doing it on purpose or not but since he had a huge grin on his face for awhile after that I'm sure he enjoyed the show.lol.

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  • I've known that my boobs were really poppin out of my shirt and not really done anything about it if a guy I kinda like is there. But I've never intentionally done it. Its just a matter of letting it go if it already happened.

  • Never, I think mystery is hotter with guys so I think it's hotter with girls too :)

  • yea I wore a mini skirt once and bent over in front of these guys once lol their reaction was priceless... I lost a bet so yea lol

  • in a skirt, I'll bend over far enough so a guy at my locker can get a peak or ill let my legs open for a second casualy when I'm sitting then close them. Sometimes I mess with my bra so a guy can get a peak of my cleavage. It's intentional and a quick adrennaline rush for a girl;)

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