Why is it that black/Latino guys are more into curvy, chubby, and fat girls?

I have a mixed up background but I just look tan. Just so that's out of the way. Anyway I think we have all noticed this. White guys seem to favor much thinner girls with more pencil-y shapes than black guys and Latino guys of different races. My question is why do you think that is? I'm not... Show More

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  • i'm black and honestly its just a beauty standard that most black/hispanic people have. like white guys will look at thin girls and drool, and a lotta white girls always wanna lose weight and get down to a really small size...but a lotta black guys drool over curvy girls and most girls I know always want bigger booties and a hourglass or pear shape.

    it is probably because many white people have smaller frames and more black and hispanic people have larger frames. like for example I am curvy. I have a large butt, breasts and an athletic figure. for me to get down to really skinny, I would have to be on drugs or really sick because that's not in my body type. but I know some white girls that are just naturally thin and for them to get to my weight they would either have to have plastic surgery or get really fat...

    and even then fat distributes differently and white women tend to gain weight in different areas. OK for example, I am weird and nosy lmao and I like to look at my county jail's arrest records. the other day a girl I know got arrested. she is white and it listed her height and weight as 5'7 115 lbs. I've seen her in person and she is thin, works out and is in shape but not super skinny like anorexic, her body type is attractive to a lot of white guys...but I know if the average black girl was 5'7 and she weighed 115, she would probably have to be a crackhead because we are built different. a thin black girl at the same height would probably be around the 130ish range and her body fat would be distributed differently than the white girl's.

    so I think its partly genetics and partly social conditioning. I think there are quite a few white guys in the south that like thick females too

    • Idk if I agree on the weight thing but fat distribution is true for many but not all black girls.

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