Why is it that black/Latino guys are more into curvy, chubby, and fat girls?

I have a mixed up background but I just look tan. Just so that's out of the way.

Anyway I think we have all noticed this. White guys seem to favor much thinner girls with more pencil-y shapes than black guys and Latino guys of different races. My question is why do you think that is?

I'm not saying there are no good looking, non-overweight white guys who like heavy or curvy chicks, but I notice that the amount of white guys who don't simply tolerate that in a girl they like but prefer it doesn't compare at all to Latino or black guys. I guess we can say Asians guys here with white guys as well. I am naturally curvy already but I have extra weight landing me somewhere on the higher side of chubby almost fat. lol Most white guys don't like that I don't think but I have been hit on by some good looking ones. I think with them though its my personality, whereas a black guy may look at me and actually want to f*** me. It's a different feeling basically.

Of course I'm not saying all of them are like this, but I have noticed cultural differences in this way. a lot of white guys even seem to be put off by just curvier girls who aren't even fat. It's very interesting, at least I think so anyway.

It has affected me a little bit. Not too much but I see some of my friends struggling with this who are in the same boat as me or much worse off. I think I'm fine though, beautiful actually, and I have way more confidence than half of my lovely stick thin friends. I also feel more comfortable with my body than they do. It's not just that I find the idea of being tiny with no hips, small boobs, or no butt unattractive (I don't think id look that way anyway if I did lose weight). In my mind I think I associate losing weight with misery. I see all these thin girls who are absolutely insecure and eating lettuce all day and counting calories, who barely weigh anything with wet clothes on but will still turn sideways in the mirror asking "do I look fat?" I just laugh usually and I'm just like are you kidding? that's how I'm supposed to look and behave? ill pass...

Having said that I am in a long term relationship. My current boyfriend is white and he's very attractive to a lot of girls I know, a little older than I am, and intelligent - he's a medical intern. My mom is always like "don't screw this one up." lol

OK I'm done ranting. tell me your thoughts :)


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  • i'm black and honestly its just a beauty standard that most black/hispanic people have. like white guys will look at thin girls and drool, and a lotta white girls always wanna lose weight and get down to a really small size...but a lotta black guys drool over curvy girls and most girls I know always want bigger booties and a hourglass or pear shape.

    it is probably because many white people have smaller frames and more black and hispanic people have larger frames. like for example I am curvy. I have a large butt, breasts and an athletic figure. for me to get down to really skinny, I would have to be on drugs or really sick because that's not in my body type. but I know some white girls that are just naturally thin and for them to get to my weight they would either have to have plastic surgery or get really fat...

    and even then fat distributes differently and white women tend to gain weight in different areas. OK for example, I am weird and nosy lmao and I like to look at my county jail's arrest records. the other day a girl I know got arrested. she is white and it listed her height and weight as 5'7 115 lbs. I've seen her in person and she is thin, works out and is in shape but not super skinny like anorexic, her body type is attractive to a lot of white guys...but I know if the average black girl was 5'7 and she weighed 115, she would probably have to be a crackhead because we are built different. a thin black girl at the same height would probably be around the 130ish range and her body fat would be distributed differently than the white girl's.

    so I think its partly genetics and partly social conditioning. I think there are quite a few white guys in the south that like thick females too


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  • I honestly believe, that if you're open-minded, this is completely a matter of personal preference.

    I can say this, because I occasionally have "wowed" a thick lady, who happens to be black or latino with a comment like "I really like that wagon you're dragging" when she passed me by. I even got one to turn and "really" look at me, once, because she was stunned that I said it to her. I just smile...

    I don't like skinny-blonde types; in fact, they tend to annoy me with their "attitudes"... I've always preferred babes with big curves. And, it's not a racial thing, either. There are plenty of white babes with a little meat in the seat, too. Hell, I think all you ladies with big curves are sexy!

  • I'm white and I prefer thick girls. Curves are what I crave. I have noticed what you're talking about but I'm not sure if it is totally a race thing. I have black friends that prefer little skinny girls and white friends that prefer thick girls. I think it is just personal preference. What you're talking about is kinda true but is equivalent to saying something like all black people like chicken or that all mexicans like beans. It's not right...but sort of true. Not sure why though. Like all generalizations though, it doesn't always hold up.

    • i like your comment(:

    • thank ya ryanryan90

    • fair enough. I still say the vast majority of black and latinos I have ever met like curvy or thick girls at like freakin exponentially higher rates than white guys I've known though lol so its hard for me to think of it the same way as your examples.

  • alrite...i don't think this is a question about why we prefer them...its not that at all...we just see girls for who they are...in my opinion thin girls aren't attractive for 2 reasons, the first being that they think their the sh*t becasue they're thin :-s and secondly I want a real woman...not a twig.

    the less thin the girl is the better the personality I've noticed lol...im not attracted to massive girls or anything...i prefer a fat ass, thich thighs, thin waists and flat stomachs...but realistically I'm not shallow enough to judge a girl on her pyhsical features...personality is the key.

    And I haven't a single friend that likes a girl because she's bigger...and I know a lot of black guys lol...its all a personality thing.

    Bigger girls tend to have better personalities, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    • Well DoctorSex just want to let you know that it's rubbish to think that thin women thinks they're all that. They don't. Especially thin black women have their insecurities because they know that black men love thicker women. And the personality thing is also rubbish. I know a lot of curvy girl who knows they can get every man and act very bitchy about that.

      Black men act like thin girls are damn ugly why!?

    • thank you for discrediting my opinions...means a lot to me...

  • Because only a real man can handle the thickness. Race does not matter.

  • dudes that like thin chicks have short d***s

    • Love, Love, Love that comment about the short d.... I believe that. My curvier girlfriends say they don't lose inches with a man because of their body type because they are with men who have been blessed. That might be a whole new question or topic.

  • Probably because black and latino guys are more likely to have curvy, fat and chubby moms, sisters and cousins, so that is what they're used to.

  • Ask the Miller High Life Guy!

  • i do not like fat girls at all, a little chubby is coo(on a stranger) my girls isn't perfect and I'll take her how she is, I f***ing love that bitch.

    but I do love the curvy girls, big hips, small waist, thick thighs, big ass and t*ts. girls like that are really hard to find and I've never meat a girl like that that I actually wanted to ask out for her looks, hook ups yeah of course. but only if she knew it was just sex and nothing else. but this never happened and I'm glad cause my girl is my one and only.

  • Yeah you're probably kinda right. I think more black men than white men prefer curvier women, cus they are apparently more often biologically wired that way. As you can see, black women tend to be curvier than white women. Having that said, I'm white and I prefer big butts and t*ts.

  • They have taste. Seriously, most white guys I know like real curves too. Infact I know no white males who would not prefer a curvy, Agnetha-assed, womanly figure to a wrake.

    Any do not worry about it if you have a great partner!

  • am white and I love curvy girls too :)

  • ya it does seem that way, doesn't it?

    i couldn't tell you why... just something about a thick curvy girl turns me Off instantly. I need my girls to be size 0, 100 lbs or so... just looks... SO feminine and adorable.

    one of my friends is egyptian immigrant... she is thick and curvy... black guys hit on her.. NON-STOP... yet a white guy has never asked her out lol

  • --carried on--> traits. Both groups were than asked to answer a series of general knowledge questions. The idea was that by thinking about stereotypically more clever people it would make those individuals temporarily more intelligent and by thinking of less intelligent people it would make them less intelligent than you otherwise might be. The original Dutch studies and validated journals found something very interesting in relation to this, they found that members of the public primed with ignorant stereotypes scored 43% in tests while the people primed with the clever stereotype scored 56% which was a clear example of automatic social behaviour. Participants tended to perform to the stereotype placed in their minds.

    it seems that individuals grow into the stereotypes they are placed within as general influence around them mould there interest of what they believe to find attractive, personally I don't feel that I have ever been influenced into the stereotypical attraction of liking stick thin girls that other white men grow into. I personally love thicker more curvy women and think they are gorgeous but saying that I also know plenty of black guys that want stick thin girls.

  • There have been studies done on this that demonstrated how people think and what causes them to think the way they do, whereby people grow into the stereotpyes they are put in.

    Its basically psychological trickery that involves mental manipulation. One study that was done was on the public in a museum. The public come in through one of two security lines and both of them are decorated in line with a theme of ‘who am i’ and each one of those lines are subtly different. In one line there were pictures of older stereotypical sedentary people and in the other line there were stereotypical images of young active people. Will it make any difference to how fast they move through the lines? Well what they found was when they timed how long it took for the average person in each line to walk between two points, having noticed the security desk they came from. What they found was really quite astonishing, on average the people who walked past the younger people covered the distance at 18 seconds where as the people who walked past the pictures of the older people covered the distance in 27 seconds, that’s 50% longer. To rule out any affect that the guards themselves may have had or the doors themselves, they even swapped the pictures round halfway through the experiment and the speed of walking also swapped too. The different photographs seemed to be the only reason why some people would walk any faster or any slower than the other.

    This kind of affect was demonstrated by scientists at New York University in a classic experiment and what they found was that by triggering just the thought of a stereotype was enough was enough to actively get us to adapt our behavior in line with what that actual stereotype was. Its called ‘automatic social behaviour’. The idea is that even without knowing, some of our behavior is unconscious and influenced by the environment around us.

    Are we really that easy manipulated? Well it seems so, subtle influences can even make us part with our cash. Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire conducted an experiment in bookshops across the UK with real shoppers and collected donations for the natural literacy trust. In that experiment they found that people donated more money when the charity boxes read ‘every penny helps’ rather than ‘every pound helps’, in fact for every £1 pound that went into the £ box, they got £8.86 in the penny one, so one word can make a big difference.

    But priming can also affect behavior which is much more complex. It can even temporarily affect your intelligence. The original scientific research of this was done in the Netherlands and again its all about automatically activating our stereotypes. Those studies were done on individuals. In these studies some individuals were prompted to think about professors and stereotypically intelligent people and the physical qualities that people like that possess whilst the others were prompted to think about stereotypically less intelligent character

  • Coincidental preference or cultural difference I guess. I prefer skinnier girls, but I'm not opposed to dating girls that have a little meat on them as long as they are pretty.

  • nah, even white guys don't like skinny girls that much anymore, the problem with some people is that they never notice some stuff is out of fashion, they just keep doing it! today its all about looking and feeling healthy and fit.


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  • Guess they just like some meat on the bones and a cushion

  • I'm a white girl, 125lb, 5'4'' - I feel perfectly happy at my weight, though my boyfriend (tall skinny white guy) would prefer that I were 10 pounds heavier or so. Another white guy I am close to likes skinny girls and is unhappy with his woman who is 120 and 5'0'' ... and to me she looks fine.

    I think black and hispanic, particularly black guys, like bigger girls more because they like huge boobs and huge butts. More fat = more fat deposited on the boobs and the butt. So then the real question should be why do black guys/hispanic guys care more about boob and butt size than waist/tummy size? Who knows.

    I do think it is kind of unfair that men insist on having skinny girls who also have amazing boobs, considering it's kind of a contradiction.

    • True. although, in my culture there are a lot of girls woh have naturally slimmer stomachs with big butts, hips, and breasts. more white women tend to carry extra weight on their mid section and more black women have weight distributed in the lower body or breasts usually. of course if you go crazy on unhealthy diet you're gonna get heavy in the mid section too but for many of us that is the last resort as far as where fat goes. check black mens magazines/vids. small stomach - HUGE butts/t*ts lol

    • Not all guys like big boobs; anything more than a handful is a waste...

  • I think it's a big culture thing for sure. I lived in Central America and the way they explained it to me was that basically all girls are beautiful and sexy, no matter what shape they are. Also, latin body types are more curvy so that could be part of the reason too. I'm a curvy girl and I got hit on a lot more when I live there than when I live in Canada. And when I'm in Canada I find the general ethnicity of guys who hit on me are black.

    Being fat in our society is related to being uhealthy, which it usually can be. and also through our media and culture, our minds have all been kind of molded to believe that skinny is beautiful and fat isn't. It's just the way it is. Being healthy is important but some girls are naturally just curvy and even though a lot of white guys ARE into really skinny girls, they are some who like curvier girls as well, especially as they mature.

    your confidence and spirit is totally amazing and inspiring. its so great to see girls out there are who are curvy and beautiful and know it. you're amazing!

  • its born into them more curves homely cuddley they just do same in some islands the bigger the more better I think some need to answer your ?

  • better sex :]

  • Scientifically men are more attracted to women that are better able to carry their offspring.

  • Its more of a class thing. The lower class Latinos are into that. The middle class and normal ones aren't.

    • yeah I disagree with that from personal experience but I've heard that statement made before.

  • It's not all. But I guess it's because of what they're used to. If all they're around are fat chicks they'll learn to like them. But some are more normal and like regular girls.

  • Yes. White guys tend to like skinny girls. Black and Latino men like for their women to have a little meat on their bones. This has a lot to do with the culture. White girls tend to be thin because of their eating habits. White girls are also pressured to be thin. Black and Latino girls are seen as more attractive when they are voluptous. This has a tendency to be promoted by the media. When you see white females on TV, they tend to be on the thin side. When you see black and latinas on TV, they are more on the voluptous side. Some of this is stereotyping. Because not all black and latina women are curvy. Some of them are thin. All white women are not thin. Some of them are curvy. We need to look at people as individuals regardless of their ethnicity.

    • "When you see white females on TV, they tend to be on the thin side"...I'd say "anorexic" side. That's why white girls have the eating disorders that they do. Nothing is sexier to me that a curvy girl that's comfortable with her curves. Curves make sex feel better...period!

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    • Hell yeah.. my fiancee is a sz 16... I always did like thick chicks... just makes me want em more like that

    • agrreeeeeed

  • Yeah I have to agree with you on this I've been trying to find a white guy (I just have such huge fetish for them lol) that would appreciate my curves but its kind of hard usually I just always end up getting hit on by latinos/black guys. Which is fine they're great too but I don't know I think maybe white guys feel intimidated and I guess latinos/black guys are just more comfortable with curves. =/

    • I don't know where you've been looking, but my wife is a size 14, and I LOVE her butt. If you are as thick and curvy as you say you are, you'd definitely hear me say something like "looking good from behind, momma", if I passed you on the street.

      I am never intimidated by a woman's natural, sexy curves.

    • It surely can't be that hard, I know plenty of white guys that love thicker women, personally I think its hot and love a girl with a curvier physique.

    • It IS that hard sometimes. it def is. I've me very few white guys who liked a bigger girl, and the ones I have met...are embarrassed/scared to go out in public with them or are afraid their so called "friends" will give them sh*t about it. now I'm all for being myself, but you really don't know how hard it is until you have been in the situation. maybe its just the area I live in, idk. but everyone has their preferences