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Is a fleshlight worth buying?

i wanted to know if fleshlight is good enough I mean does it really feel like a p**** or it is just overrated and are there any other good male sex... Show More

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  • It's the best thing since sliced bread. Joe Rogan from fear factor endorces it on his blog! link and you get a discount if you click the link on his website before you buy it

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  • I've seen them in my local sex shop, first I thought they were some kind of weird pouch erm...They look rather crap, and the shopkeeper said they can hardly sell them. So maybe that reflects on their actual quality.

What Guys Said 4

  • I haven't tried it, but it looks useless...

  • It is useless unless you work yourself up hard enough to enter it. It does envelop you (like a pvssy) but masturbation works differently. You need the rapid changes in speed and contacts to get off, counteracting the exertion and effort of doing it. A fleshlight "plays only one note". I also found that I had to finish with my hand, particularly the "milking" action at the end.

  • I'm waiting for them to make one that feels like a hand.

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