What does it mean when a guys grabs or touches your face when kissing?

Just out of curiosity...


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  • What does it mean when a woman keeps trying to find a hidden meaning in the tiniest things?


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  • Means that he is ready and he wants you. He wants to be in control of the kiss. Grabbing the actual face is kind of weird, but grabbing the back of the head is what should happen.

    • He cups my chin, but does not grab the back of my head

  • I know I usually grab or touch a girls face when we are in a more passionate and affectionate kiss but it may depend on the the guy.


What Girls Said 4

  • Just being a bit more affectionate! Not a bad thing at all

  • it means he likes your face. good sign.

  • uh..i dated this guy once, that's ALL he did, omg it became so annoying.

    it just means that he's so amazed at your beauty ;)

  • It's a good sign. :) Like one said below, he likes your face.

    Offtopic: I had a guy who claimed to be "reasonably experienced with girls and sex", but his kisses were sh*t. Each and every time I could feel his teeth against my gums and lips... Ugh!