Why don't women like naked men?

It's proven that women are turned on by pretty much anything but naked men. If a guy went streaking across a football field, most women would be disgusted. Why? Men love to see naked women so why don't women like to see naked men?

Rephrased question: Why aren't women attracted to a guys you know what. (p*nis)


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  • Well think about it this way do you want to see a chick that's in really good shape, nice t*ts, and ass just all around gorgeous walk around naked? Or would you rather see a chick who was obese, her gut hanging over her, boobs sagging, and stretch marks naked?

    Well you probably chose the first chick, well the same goes with women, they want to see a dude who is in shape with a six pack, good looking naked, as apposed to a big fat guy, but most of the guys who get naked and go streaking or like to flash people are big fat guys.


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  • Uhh.. I like seeing men naked.

    • I rephrased the question....

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    • Oh. It didn't censor me that time. :D

    • A lot of women think they are nasty and ugly.

  • GTFO the pitch you wanker you're interrupting the game! Simple. Personally I'm more a rugger girl, but you get the picture.


  • it just looks so out of place, that's all. its not like a vagina where its all tucked in, I man penis's are just like sticking up and when you run omg they flop around and not like boobs do. I don't know id rather have a guy run around with his shirt off with pants on

  • Don't make such generalizations. Women may not get turned on by just looking at a naked man the way that men get turned on by looking at naked women, but that does not mean that we don't like your naked bodies. We love to look at a beautifully toned man body just as much as a man likes to look at female bodies. Our reaction is different, that is all. It turns us on when you take that beautiful body and do something sensual with it. I do not know why we have to be held to the same standard as men, or else it doesn't count. Any mature women can appreciate the beauty of your naked body. Personally, I think any women who look at a man's body and degrade it with insults are not only self-cerntered sexually, but are outright immature. If I were a man, I would not ever want to end up with a woman like that. Men should not fall for this false premise, and you should never think of yourselves as ugly or as a god-awful creatures. There is nothing sexy about feeling that way about yourself. To me it is a real turnoff. My feeling is that God did not make a visual mistake when he created the male body. It is awsome, all of it, even the penis and the balls.

    To most women the male body is beautiful, but does not usually become something that turns us on sexually, until it is in the proper sexual context. And that context can be as varied as women themselves. We can be pretty difficult to pin down. That is why we can be a bit confusing to men sometimes. Please bear in mind that I am also generalizing here. There are many women who can get turned on by looking at a beautiful male naked body in almost any context.

    Men confuse us too when we hear from men that they use sex as an expression of love, yet men can be experts in loveless sex. For men sex is an expression of love, but only in the right context, however you always love the way it feels. For women the male naked body is a sexual turn-on, but only in the right context, however we always love the way it looks.

  • It just dosen't look good. The penis is OK, but to be honest balls gross me out!

  • It depends on the time and place.

    Naked man in my room = hot

    Naked man in grocery store = not


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  • If that were the case, Playgirl magazine would never have made it to the market, and the Chippendale dancers wouldn't exist.

  • The female body is so much sexier than a males naked one. That doesn't mean all women are turned off by our bodies. We should be lucky, were such god-awful creatures. ;)

  • Girls look more at the whole package rather than a guys penis...

    if a guy is fat and ugly but has a 9 inch d*** made of steel...they could care less because he's fat and ugly lol

    • If I can find the website I'll post it, but it tells about how women don't get turned on by naked men. Women are actually more likely to get turned on by naked women than naked men... :O

    • Well again depends if that women is bi, and also if the guy is attractive or not...

      most straight women will get turned on by a toned in shape man

  • Correction: Women don't like to see out of shape men naked

    • No, I think it's pretty much all men.

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    • Ohh my bad. Let me re-phrase the question ^^^

    • I like this answer,nice and simple

  • I highly doubt your scientific study, I'm sure plenty of girls won't ADMIT to it but I'm pretty sure they get turned by naked guys