Why don't women like naked men?

It's proven that women are turned on by pretty much anything but naked men. If a guy went streaking across a football field, most women would be disgusted. Why? Men love to see naked women so why don't women like to see naked men?

Rephrased question: Why aren't women attracted to a guys you know what. (p*nis)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well think about it this way do you want to see a chick that's in really good shape, nice t*ts, and ass just all around gorgeous walk around naked? Or would you rather see a chick who was obese, her gut hanging over her, boobs sagging, and stretch marks naked?

    Well you probably chose the first chick, well the same goes with women, they want to see a dude who is in shape with a six pack, good looking naked, as apposed to a big fat guy, but most of the guys who get naked and go streaking or like to flash people are big fat guys.