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Is making my guy come fast bad?

Okay so I know most people will say I'm crazy, but I love making my boyfriend come quick! Every time we have sex I try my hardest to give him the... Show More

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  • some people prefer giving, some prefer receiving, and some are about even. so just be yourself and do what you enjoy.

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  • Some days we like a quickie, other days we like it to last:Pizzas are good but I would hate to eat only pizzas ;)

  • You're clearly happy, I doubt he's complaining--rock on.

  • The only one who should be worried about this, is you. Guys have mainly two goals in sex. Achieving orgasm and your climax. The vast majority favor the former. If you're happy with having short but good sex, I don't see the problem.

  • well your first idea is awsome your a awsome girlfriendWell it depends on the dude I like to last longer to give my girl multiple orgasms, also I feel like a little boy cuming really quick I try to last 15-25 min and I usally do

  • its great you can get it off quick, the reason why your friends say its bad is because you will get less pleasure from sex if he doesn't last long, most girls like a guy to be hard for so long so they can feel the pleasure to get an orgasm.but its great you like it this way, not a lot of girls like a guy to come quick, guy don't mind if they do come quick

What Girls Said 4

  • Depends on the guy! If he is a considerate one who wants you to have as much or more pleasure than him then no he is not going to want to come quickly. He is going to want and keep the foreplay going with you and prolong him finishing as long as possible. Now a guy who cares more about pleasing himself than you would be happy to have a girl who will let him come quickly and get his pleasure not worrying whether you did or not.

  • If you get him off fast it means it feels good, sure, but it isn't necessarily as fun if it's over in five minutes flat.

  • Whatever floats your boatbut speaking from a girl's point of view, an orgasm always feel better when it takes a while to get there if you know what I mean. If I finish in a few minutes, sure it feels good, but not as goodNot sure how it works for guys though

    • I like to work my girl up to the brink then back down then to the brink then back down a few times and then send her over the edge...always her most forceful orgasms! Although, sometimes she does get a bit annoyed because she might just want to come quick that time:)

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