Traditional woman vs. feminist woman?

GUYS be truthful of which you prefer.

I consider myself the latter :)

traditional- in my opinion is the woman who believes that the best or "only" option available to her is to stay home with the kids and be the optimal house wife.
feminist- I DEF do not mean women who hate men. I meant women who like myself, are looking to advance themselves in education, politics and in society in general. Basically able to fend/support/make decions for herself if needed :)


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  • If by traditional, you mean a woman who would rather be a lady, stay at home, cook, clean and watch the kids (not for me, I don't want kids), and who I have a great loving relationship with, then that sounds great. If by traditional, you mean a woman who's just there because I support her and she has sex with me, then that sounds thoroughly uninteresting.

    If by feminist, you mean a woman who is in favor of equal rights, is rational and logical, also has a job, and doesn't uphold ridiculous double standards, then that sounds like a great wife. If you mean the bitch feminists who want special treatment because they're women (or because women were held back in the past), then that sounds like a terrible wife (or person to be around in general).


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  • All else being equal, I'd go for the feminist woman. I respect women who are outspoken and intelligent. I'm not looking for a servile housewife to take care of me.

    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against traditional women (whatever that means) but I'm a modern and liberal guy with 21st century values and I'd like my partner to be also. While I totally disagree with the radicals, I respect the feminist movement and I think we take their courage and hard work for granted.

    • Love it. By the way, is that picture from south park? lol...

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    • Yeah I agree. same with family guy too

    • Meh. I always thought Family Guy was a stupid show.

  • Former, feminists are annoying as f***.

    • Your definition of "feminist" is far closer to "equalist".

  • It's all about attitude. I know a woman that works really hard but is still very feminine. She was even in the army! But she still cooks for her husband and is caring so, having a job does not really mean a woman is a feminist imo, this woman is actually pro life and I doubt many feminists are.

    I mean do you consider Sarah Palin a feminist? I don't think so but if you think about it, she is advancing herself in politics and in society so I think your definition of feminism is a bit off. Do I like it if a woman works, yes I do, but do I like feminists, still no...

  • I love what the feminists are doing but would never date them

  • I'm more traditional but at the same time I would say it depends on the type of feminist. If your one of those girls who believe men and women are equal then yeah but if your one of those girls who believes that women are superior and men are at fault for everything in the world then no. The second group bugs the sh^t out of me, they're so freaking hypocritical, they are the people they preach you should hate but with a Vag. Now if your they type that says I'm a women if I do the same job as a man and should get the same pay then no that type of feminism doesn't bother me. I'm close to my mom and have great respect for women but just not the extremist who thinks it's OK to degrade men but if a man says anything about a women then all of sudden he's a sexiest pig who's stuck in the 40's. Also one last thing, if you or any one else is the extreme version then don't get up set when a man doesn't open a door/ pull out a chair for, after all you are a independent women who can do things on her own.

  • I'll take a traditional or any other woman for that matter over a feminist. Feminism reminds me of cult groups.

    • I don't understand your answer. I'm guessing our views of feminism are extremely different lol

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    • You asked feminist vs. traditional. You didn't specify, and everyones interpretation or experience is different among the subjects. You can't have everyone think in the same light you view them as, AND THEN answer. It doesn't work that way. Thanks.

    • Lmao. ignorance is all over the place these days I see.

  • I'm for the equality of the genders,

    traditional woman are often considered as inferiors to men (they are less paid for example)

    feminist woman don't really want equality, as for me, but superiority.

    So I would answer : between the two

    • Nice, I like that :)

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    • After your question update, I vote "feminist".

      I like a woman who knows what she want and will try to get it

    • Yea, I'm not knocking anyone who prefers a more traditional woman. lol, thank you :)))

  • I would go with traditional, depending on the type of feminist, they can be really annoying.

  • define feminist ?...

  • gimme a more traditional woman... not some feminNAZI

  • Need definitions. Today's feminists are mostly uppity bitches. And based on that I say traditional.

    • Hmm. Based on the definitions I think I'll say right in the middle of the two.

  • a little from both and please what's your definition of feminist

  • feminists


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  • I think this is actually a great question, but you need to define what you mean by "traditional" and "feminist".

    To me, I see a traditional woman as one who believes it's the woman's role to be in the home, doing the cooking and cleaning, raising children (if any), and catering the the man's needs. She's okay with being dependent on a man. She's more likely the type who sees it as the man's role to ask a girl out, pay for dates, initiate sex, etc.

    When men hear the word "feminist", many want to run screaming for the hills because they think of extreme feminists who are anti-men and believe women are superior to men. This is not actually what the majority of feminists believe. Most of the feminist work that I've read, while it deals a lot with women's issues, is more about equality for all people (women, yes, but also other traditionally oppressed groups, such as racial minorities, LGBT, etc.). Because they believe that men and women are equals, they're more likely to take initiative when it comes to dating and sex, have a job and be self-sufficient, and aren't afraid to cross the boundaries when it comes to things that have traditionally been seen as male roles.

    • Yeah see I don't like that. Define what? If you don't understand what feminism is then you are exactly the type of guy that any self respecting feminist woman doesn't need around. I think its something much deeper then weeding out the crazies. I think a lot of anti-feminist men are fundamentally sexist and feminism takes those aspects of themselves and sheds light on them. they don't like that. some them want us women to stay in our places and shut up. I think that's what its really about.

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    • I don't think I was ever saying that defining things isn't helpful. My opinion still stands though that I (and many many feminist women) am attracted to men who are already educated about feminism. I certainly don;t want some guy around me who doesn't understand it but has the nerve to bash us constantly.

    • And yes, judging only from my experience listening to anti-feminists, many of the ones I have listened to are fundamentally sexist. It can be due to anything they've experienced in their lives with women, or culture, often religion. Maybe you don't see the blatant sexism in our world but I do and honestly I think you're giving people way too much credit. Most of these people aren't interested in facts, they know where they stand on how they think women should be seen and they hold onto that.

  • Depends on the type of men. I'm mostly just having sex right now but I've had relationships before and they were with intelligent, liberal men and women. Intelligent, liberal men like feminists. Those are the ones I go for, seeing as I consider myself to be on the same level. The men who say they would never date me honey those are not the men you would want to be with anyway. consider yourself lucky that they aren't into a woman who considers herself a man's equal.

    I might hook up with a conservative guy but I doubt it. The guys I tend to sleep with are liberal as well and have no problem seriously dating a feminist.

    • It really depends what kind of feminists we're talking about to be honest...

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    • I meant extreme feminist. Don't get why your bringing up the radical history lesson. To each his own right? No reason why I would avoid a feminist. But extreme? Yes.

    • Extreme feminist is a.k.a. "radical feminist" that's what I'm talking about. lmao you avoid "extreme" feminists and ill avoid conservatives. to each is own yes, but you gave your thoughts so I'm giving mine. :)

  • I think it depends on how you define traditional and feminist

  • in tradition, do you also mean that it always has to be the guy to make the first move, ask the girl out and initiate the date and relationship?

  • thats a really good question! but there are lots of misconceptions about who feminists really are and what they preach. obviously there are going to be the "radical" feminist who are a bit crazy and think they are better than men... but that's not really what a true feminist is.

    Great question though!