Traditional woman vs. feminist woman?

GUYS be truthful of which you prefer.

I consider myself the latter :)

traditional- in my opinion is the woman who believes that the best or "only" option available to her is to stay home with the kids and be the optimal house wife.
feminist- I DEF do not mean women who hate men. I meant women who like myself, are looking to advance themselves in education, politics and in society in general. Basically able to fend/support/make decions for herself if needed :)


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  • If by traditional, you mean a woman who would rather be a lady, stay at home, cook, clean and watch the kids (not for me, I don't want kids), and who I have a great loving relationship with, then that sounds great. If by traditional, you mean a woman who's just there because I support her and she has sex with me, then that sounds thoroughly uninteresting.

    If by feminist, you mean a woman who is in favor of equal rights, is rational and logical, also has a job, and doesn't uphold ridiculous double standards, then that sounds like a great wife. If you mean the bitch feminists who want special treatment because they're women (or because women were held back in the past), then that sounds like a terrible wife (or person to be around in general).

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      AGREED! lol