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I never seem to make my girl cream, is it because me penis is 3.5inches?

It's really small, what can I do? make it bigger get better in bed?

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  • Well, I mean, you may have some difficulties reaching the right spot and/or stimulating a girl in just the right way during vaginal sex.

    But here's a news flash! Most girls don't orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, and even the ones who can might not be able to do it every time, or might not be able to do it without clitoral stimulation as well. Most girls are more likely to orgasm through fingering or oral than they are from sex (and particularly clitoral stimulation). So, I don't think any guy can use the excuse of his penis size for not being able to bring a girl to orgasm. Explore with your partner what kind of stimulation she needs to reach orgasm, and then stimulate her in that way using your fingers, your tongue, or toys. This isn't to say that you can't also have vaginal sex with her, but certainly don't make it the only thing you do with her and don't think of it as the only thing you should be working on to bring her to orgasm.

What Girls Said 8

  • You might want to increase your oral skills

  • use some pills they advertise them on p*rn websites, but if that's not the answer you're looking for, my best advise is learn to use your tounge or find her G spot and make her squirt instead.

  • try different positions. if she's on the bed, lift her legs and push them backwards towards her head so they can be next to her eyes and go deep from there.

    or let her sit upside down and let her legs fall backwards and hold her hips and etc etc... try these positions.

  • thats definitely why. try oral, she'll like that

    • Good answer! He's obviously lacking in one area so he needs to become an expert at using is toungue fingers toys etc. I'm sure he can make her scream this way.

  • Bring a girl in

  • size doesn't matter. Its how it is used during sex. I ddo what the girl said below and try out different positions and that might work. However, during sex not all women can or have recieved an orgasm

    • Why are you lying to the kid! a 3.5 inch c*ck isn't going to make any girl scream...get real already!

  • i think that might have something to do with it

What Guys Said 5

  • Don't worry about the size of your tool. Just learn how to use it. And, most important of all is learn how to use your fingers and tongue. Just get her to cream (not scream as another answerer said) before you stick your d*ck in. Also learn to grind your pelvis against her pelvis. This puts pressure on her clit and we all know that is where the fun comes in.

  • Most girls don't come from vaginal penetration but from clitoral stimulation so just use what you have where its important... so long as you can get to it its all good...

  • Just use a credit card I hear the gold ones work best...

  • look up stuff on the web for this

  • you people didn't get the question, he says he has a small penis therefore he doesn't ejaculate that much, therefore no "cream" is produced as for a GOOD creampie LOL

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