Does any other girl fantasize about being covered in cum?

I am a bit bashful to admit this and never would in front of my girlfriends. But does any other girl fantasize about just getting covered in cum? I think it might be weird of me to have..


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  • It's OK. It's just a fantasy, after all. If it turns you on, go for it!

    By the way kudos for being brave enough to post this non-anonymously. I like when girls are open about their desires and fantasies and they should feel more free to do so, I think.


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  • I know of one woman who has yet to realize her greatest fantasy of having at least ten guys jacking off and spewing all over her. You''re not alone in that fantasy. She also likes splats in the face the most.

  • covered like head to toe...yikes...maybe its time to see a shrink...

  • bukkake. Google it. ;)

  • ewwwwww it's like...fuking gross...and I don't fantasize it!...hahaa...lolzz :p

    • Wel I like your dream though........n would be more than happy to fulfill your dream!!!!

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  • I don't think its weird to fantacize about being covered in come then again I fantacize about it too.

    • I've heard more than a few girls say they fantasize about facials and stuff like this a new trend that has shown up lately?

    • I don't know but I don't think its a new "trend".

    • Now facials are not new nor is this fantasy.