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Why do guys like to french kiss?

I like kissing but I hate french kissing. What is so pleasurable about a guy, sticking his tongue inside your mouth? That doesn't turn me on at all... Show More

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  • it is the most intimate kiss you can give or receive. I would imagine that your not fond of it due to guys not knowing what they should do and instead they just flop their tongue around. it IS a definate turnon, ONLY when they know (the guy or girl) what they are doing, it is very sensual

    • OMG!!!HOTT ANSWER!!!

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  • I love it when I'm first getting involved with a guy. But after I've been with them for like a year - a year and a half, I start to not like it anymore. I don't know why that is. It drives my boyfriend crazy that I don't like french kissing anymore, I do when I've been out drinking, but not on just a regular day.

  • I like it too, and I'm a girl. I hear things from "it's hot,sexy and makes me horny." , to "it's passionate and intimate, and establishes trust that you may go further." I just like it because it DOES make me horny.

  • Its the best thing in this world!I just love a French kiss!and it turns me on big time, but the guy has gotta know what he's doing and be able to keep up! LOL!

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