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Any one here has a bad breath fetish or spit fetish?

I just happen to get turned on by any girl with a strong body scent of breath... when ever a girl talks close to me I smell her breath I get a boner... Show More

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  • Anybody in here has a breath fetish ? Not me

    • Good Evening Pixie! :) Yeah...but do you have ANY fetishes? Or is that more of a male thing?

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    • what about skin? no blemishes, nor marks, no stretchmarks, no wrinklesWould you like mine? if you fit that description

    • I am sorry Dear...dinosaur hide just ain't your thing...but I would, no doubt, like urs...

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  • I love a guy's breath when it's clean but I don't get turned on by it.& the spitting is fun when you are having kinky sex. I like it when they spit or pull my hair. But not everyone feels the same.

  • the bad breath thing is a little strange. but the spit thing is not. my guy asks me to spit in his mouth, on his face, etc, it doesn't sound sick at all. don't worry about that.

  • Don't the last guy I slept with had a major spit fetish. I happily indulged him but he crossed a line when he spoke about his ex doing whilst we were still in bed.

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