Any one here has a bad breath fetish or spit fetish?

I just happen to get turned on by any girl with a strong body scent of breath... when ever a girl talks close to me I smell her breath I get a boner and want to kiss her so bad THAT IT HURTS!

when ever I have sex I try my best to sniff the girls breath by kissing her non stop..

I also happen to get aroused by seeing girls spit ..

and I wish to get a girl to spit in my mouth .. but I'll just sound wicked sick if I asked ...

does anybody here have the same issue ?


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  • Anybody in here has a breath fetish ? Not me

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      Good Evening Pixie! :) Yeah...but do you have ANY fetishes? Or is that more of a male thing?

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      I am sorry Dear...dinosaur hide just ain't your thing...but I would, no doubt, like urs...

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      I love when a beautiful girl drools in my mouth between kissing. What a rush of a turn on. Wow!!