What does it mean when a guy says he's "not in the mood" to have sex?

Simply, my husband seems to lack a sex life now. He'd rather jerk off while I'm home and lie about it. Then this evening I mentioned sex, and he said he was "not in the mood" :( is something wrong with me. I want him to crave me!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Time will tell, for one. If tonight it is "not in the mood", tomorrow it is "too tired", then next week is "troubling issues at work", ... and the same reasons keep being recycled for months, it definitely is a red flag. Don't assume he is having an affair automatically though. At times, after giving birth to a child, some husbands (now father) have problems treating their wife as 100% wife, because she is a mother too. And this new role --- mother, reminds him of HIS mother. i.e. role confusion. Granted, you may be rolling on the ground with laughters upon hearing something as "ridiculous as this". But you aren't him!

    Have an honest discussion with him. Trust you gut feelings, the "I just knew it" kind, most important of all.