Do men prefer women with small labia minora like most p*rn stars?

I do not have a large one, but it's an "outie", peeks out of the majora about half an inch, I have read other articles where women have wondered the same thing and it got mostly positive responses, and a few, I like um teeny. I would think that for oral reasons it would be more fun to have something to play with? But tell me what y'all think. This lady on that site said hers was 2 inches past her majora, I thought, wow, mine is not as different, or as "long" as I thought. Yes boys, if you don't know what I'm referring to, your opinion probably isn't backed up by experience in the female body, and thus, unimportant. I am super curious if they put those girls in p*rns because they prefer them or society in America is just anti-labia? There is a surgery to make them smaller, but can take away feeling and make orgasm more difficult, I'm sure they prefer the look of things for cash over function? Should we change this love of pre- puberty looking stigma?


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  • I prefer one that has parted in anticipation and is wet with desire. Unless you are talking about something that looks like a rubber Richard Nixon mask, don't worry. Here's a test, reach down and tie a standard square knot with each lip; remember, right over left, left over right. If the square knot stays intact=you might have an issue.

    During arousal, those lips will swell and turn a garish reddish purple-just like a chimpanzee-and for the same reason. Its an evolutionary development that is showing off your "rutting". Porn wasn't as prevalent in Darwin's age so there was no airbrushed, model perfect, petite & unobtrusive labia. They are supposed to be the original "f*** me now" statement before Jimmy Choo was born. If its any consolation, the lipstick you apply to those other lips is an atavistic throwback to the same engorged purple labia, they are both-from an evolutionary perspective, "come here, f*** me now" signals. Do you put lipstick on to accentuate your lips, your labia already take care of that not with the Brazilian wax decorum but with the strongest, "I am available, ready, and rutting" message that has kept mammals propagating for millenia.


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  • This video might explain one reason:

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  • Nah, Personally I don't watch p*rn recreationally... perhaps catch a glipmse when my friends are having a laugh at weird p*rn (believe me it's a common male bonding thing). I don't really mind if it's small or large, infact my current partner has a longer than average labia majora... Which I like quite alot, although she herself is overly concious about it. It's not noticibly different when I'm giving her oral, I don't get the impression it's abnormal.

  • I've seen a lot of girls in p*rn that have larger labia and I know that many guys love girls with larger labia. I like both, but it is really nice to have something to suck on, tease and spread while you're going down on a girl. Don't change yourself because you're worried that people will think it's unattractive. A lot of guys like it.

  • Yes we should change this love of pre-puberty looking stigma. I don't know why anyone would risk a surgery that would take away feeling and make orgasm more difficult. That's just crazy. I agree that it is more fun orally to have something to play with. I don't know about all guys but I personally couldn't care less. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. And so are their pussies.

  • > I am super curious if they put those girls in p*rns because they prefer them

    My guess is that small lips are chosen in p*rn so that the vagina and vulva can be clearly seen when the womans legs are spread.

    Makes no difference to how attractive someone is to me, or how great sex is with them.

    >There is a surgery to make them smaller

    Yes. My sister is a general medical practitioner and gets a surprisingly high proportion of female patients who want cosmetic surgery on their lips. Sometimes this is to repair birth damage, but often in pre-child women who want to look more like the ones in p0rn.

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  • Guys like um all, big, small, medium, innies, outies, just as long as they get to have some of it they really don't care.

  • I can't figure out where this idea that p*rn stars all have innies as this is absolutely untrue. So many of them just like us have innies, outies just a little to very long inner labia.

    As for oral yes I am sure guys do like teasing and sucking on them, but for the most part once thay have us opened up down there innie or outie there is plenty for them to suck on.

    I have yet ever heard a guy give a negative answer or response to a girl having outies. They don't particularly care that much as long as they get to play with it and in the end get their penis between them they are very happy guys.

    This is one thing you do not need to worry about!

    • Good answer, yeah, that is true, and I said MOST p*rn I've seen, not all, I was just wondering if there was a preference, but I guess there isn't. But I have seen some girls opened up, with NO visable labia in them, nothing but two little teeny lines, don't know how to describe, but it looked almost as though it was cut off completely? Weird to me, being that I have only seen one girl-in person, that I was intimate up close.she was an innie, large majora, but not much minora, I guess we ALunique

  • Thank god this is one body obsession I have missed out on. I have worried about other things, but not this. And, if a guy did not like my goods, I would lose interest in him. I am only in to a guy who is totally in to me. Heaven knows if I am in to a guy enough to have sex with him I am very forgiving of anything that might not fit some sort of societal ideal.

  • I think some men prefer that because that's just what they are used to seeing in p*rn. We should be happy with ourselves whether we have small labia or larger, they are both normal. I disagree that smaller ones are pre-puberty looking, that's just offensive. It has nothing to do with that, they just come in different sizes. Also mine peek out as well but it's not something I got when I hit puberty I've always been that way since I was a child.

  • Do you want to know why they do that, because perverted male OBGYN's and people for the p*rn industry had a convention to asume what characteristics men would like in a vagina, kind of like how they assume men want to see huge fake t*ts. Since they only type of vagina they show in playboy or in art is that I thought I was abnormal when I was growing up. If you want go to

    it has an article on labiaplasticy.

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