I have a fat fetish, how can I tell this to a girl?

If I'm going to go after a girl, most likely she's going to be quite heavy. Obviously when you see someone for the first time, physical attraction is the only thing you have to go on. If I met a big girl because I thought she was attractive but began to like her I wouldn't care what she looked like anymore. She could gain weight, lose weight, wear no makeup, never shave (admittedly another fetish) etc but all that matters is that she is who she is.

I know it's common for someone to gain weight in a relationship and then get dumped for that reason, and I don't want a girl to think I only like her because she's big (I see this working in reverse) but if we become intimate then I'd love for some fat related foreplay to happen such as playing with her belly or dirty talk about her fat rolls (because if I just do it out of the blue without her knowing she might think I'm making fun of her)

Any help for a fetishistic freak like me? :)


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  • My dear, when you are with someone, you are usually always telling them how they make you feel, how attractive they are to you etc etc etc. If your chubby chickie is confident, and feels good about herself and is secure in the relationship with you, then you should be able to talk to her about anything- including your fetishes and what you like. If she is the girl for you she will accept those things.

    So try not to worry. :)


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  • your a chubbie chaser, no biggie... ha ha jk.

  • Maybe work on the relationship, trust, communication etc...then confide etc