Watching a guy ejaculate?

Hey girls - is it exciting to actually watch a guy ejaculate and see the semen spurting out of his penis? Or it that a little gross for u?


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  • will you do it for me? ha ha I'm kidding

    i think it's really hot and I've asked guys to do it in front of me before but they say they can't come if I'm watching, what the hell! and when you do it add sound effects please :)

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      I want to see a female masturbate...

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      I'd happily let a girl watch, they must be young guys with confidence issues or something?

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      I'd love to masturbate for you. You'd love watching it as it squirted 6-7 strong spurts of sperm and semen, plus hearing my moans and groans as it's squirting. It feels so, so good!