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Do guys like it when you lick their balls?

guys tell me your personal opinion..girls any experiences?

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  • Mine aren't particularly sexually sensitive but I like being licked anywhere a woman wants to lick me. If I think she is licking there because she wants to that would be a huge turn on. The shaft and head are my most sexually sensitive areas down there so the balls are just a bonus if she plays with them.

What Guys Said 15

  • Fuck yes! Licking and sucking the balls is vital to giving good head.

  • gotta love it when she works the sack

  • Of course. Any more questions with obvious answers?

  • yes I think it feels really good. Just lightly lick and even a little gentle sucking feels really good

  • yeah, gently playing with balls in any way is awesome. they're stuck between our legs all day, so if you show them attention is feels really good, but in a massage kind of way, the skin isn't really particularly sensitive, nothing like the penis.

    • A general rule: the more passion you show, and the more attention you pay to every part of his body especially his crotch and butt, the better the sex is going to be for him.

    • Really you can do whatever you like and he'll be up for it, except for putting fingers in places that he might not like lol Just ask first before you try that lol.

  • I love it when my girl licks my balls while stroking me. It feels amazing

  • Yep. It's a VERY sensitive area. Do it very very gently and we will love you forever... :]

    Always lick. Only suck if he likes. Suck for me is too much pressure.

  • It's all right, pretty funny. My balls are super hairy and sweaty though, so you probably won't want to. ;)

  • Yes! I love it when a girl licks my sack and also suck it a li'l!

  • hell yes..it feels amazing..honestly I can't come unless the girl gives my balls some attention

  • by all that is right in this world YES!

  • Yeah it's good, but I don't expect it. A ball lick won't make a crappy bj better, make sure that's good first :p

  • I think it just feels really nice, boardline ticklish. The lifting feeling on the balls is nicer, like lifting them with her tongue or her hand. It all feels really good while she's wanking me off at the same time :)

  • In short yes, as said before it doesn't make a bad bj good but will make a good boyfriend wonderful. So make sure ya got the basics mastered before going farther. If its a bad bj ball licking would actually get on my nerves. I enjoy my time but don't wanna wait an hour to "release", I'll never get off from ball licking so it can just be a distraction on a bad bj.

What Girls Said 7

  • Okay my boyfriend and I had oral last weekend. This was my first time licking his balls, and this was the first time I heard him moan.. When I took my mouth off his balls he begged me not to stop, I started playing with them in my hands, massaging them. And he was moaning and telling me I own his dick and I'm all his! So therefore YES

  • my expression is Tea bagging as the guy dips his balls in your mouth like dipping a teabag in a cup :-) all the guys I have been with LOVE it just don't go too rough hahah x

  • yeah they do. licking them all around and playin w them in your hand they like that too. I love doing it also its fun for me haha

  • I like to nibble(not hard or really nibble. just pretend nibble) on my bf's balls. it makes him smile but he brings my head back up and kisses me.

    i love it.

  • I can tell by the reaction they love it when I do it lol... and I kinda like it :)

  • lol yes they do. in my experience anyway

    *slurp, slurp* ha ha

    • Yes! my guy looooves it! and it makes me love it that he loves it ha ha its all good

  • I personally love being able to suck on a guy's balls it's probably the thing I most enjoy. My boyfriend always enjoys it and tells me how good it feels. I'm normally down there for a good amount of time or sometimes until he cums of course you have to combine this with giving him head or hand job etc. But every guy I've ever done it to is always very happy afterwards and is always eager for it to happen again

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