69 position and girls' butts?

for a guy eating a girl out from behind in the 69 position is it a turn off that her butt hole is right by your nose? like sure its a fun position but can you actually smell her ass even if she showered and cleaned? I've always wondered


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  • This has never occurred to me before. Now it's going to bother me, I'm going to be like "Hey. Butthole."


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  • Hell I could care less. I usually give em a swipe or to and finger their ass while I go to town on their twat. A hole is a hole. Go ahead and partake in all three.

  • Every girl I've done it with was very clean/ no odor so not a problem at all, but snow angel does bring up a good point!

  • Weird yes but if never bother me the fact that I licking the hole the she pees out of use to freak me out when I was younger but I realized how much she loved it it didn't matter any more sex any kind of sex if not for little boys lol

  • I have no fear of the rear. If it's stinky I steer clear. If no smell then what the hell. I'll give it a lick, a poke and a prick. :)

  • As long as she is clean I wouldn't have a problem :-)...hopefully there isn't any smell because that would be a really sh**ty situation ;-:

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  • I don't know about you,but when I shower I clean my ass,and make sure I have no odor back there.

    • Now if we get everyone to wash their ass wouldn't that be grand? LoL