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69 position and girls' butts?

for a guy eating a girl out from behind in the 69 position is it a turn off that her butt hole is right by your nose? like sure its a fun position... Show More

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  • This has never occurred to me before. Now it's going to bother me, I'm going to be like "Hey. Butthole."

What Guys Said 12

  • if its clean give it a lick

  • Every girl I've done it with was very clean/ no odor so not a problem at all, but snow angel does bring up a good point!

  • Weird yes but if never bother me the fact that I licking the hole the she pees out of use to freak me out when I was younger but I realized how much she loved it it didn't matter any more sex any kind of sex if not for little boys lol

  • As long as she is clean I wouldn't have a problem :-)...hopefully there isn't any smell because that would be a really sh**ty situation ;-:

    • And hopefully she doesn't fart.. LMAO!

  • I have no fear of the rear. If it's stinky I steer clear. If no smell then what the hell. I'll give it a lick, a poke and a prick. :)

  • Hell I could care less. I usually give em a swipe or to and finger their ass while I go to town on their twat. A hole is a hole. Go ahead and partake in all three.

  • yuk. not for me why do that when missionary is best. to me I'm cool with missionary doggie and that's it. she wants something else. she can get it from some one else. those are the only too I like.

  • It's not a problem... It's a great position

  • I have never tried 69 in the 21 years I have been with my wife (only had sex 1 drunken time before her) that I was ever on the bottom. I am always on top. I would think it would be awful hard on the neck of the guy. at least we point out at you ladies :)

  • Well if you sit up, his nose might end up near your "butthole" but if you are bent over and giving him head his nose sticks out along your stomach, and doesn't go anywhere near that area.

  • Well wouldn't he be smelling it anyway if he was eating the girl out? I mean its right next to the vag anyway. The nose can smell something from many feet away after all

What Girls Said 1

  • I don't know about you,but when I shower I clean my ass,and make sure I have no odor back there.

    • Now if we get everyone to wash their ass wouldn't that be grand? LoL

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