What causes a man to get an erection?

What causes a man to get an erection? Like if a man saw a sexy or beautiful girl with clothes on, will that give him an erection? Like, thinking of sexual fantasies and masturbating, gives and erection? What stuff allows a guy to have an erection and does it feel good to have one?

Thank you all for answering! :)))) xxx
Oh and what if he just touches a girl? Like rubs her tummy or back or just rubs his hand around her? That causes one, right? I am sure it does, just making sure, haha.


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  • I supposed it's different for every guy. Some of us have more control over it than others, some are more visual, some are more mental. For me it's usually the mental fantasy that triggers it, more so than just the image of a beautiful woman, regardless of clothing. Of course, when I see those "f*** me" eyes (sorry, don't know how else to describe that look) there's not stopping it. I don't think anything does it faster than that.

    On the other hand, sometimes you might get an erection for no reason at all. It's refereed to as a NARB, or No Apparent Reason Boner. I could happen any time, even if there are no women for miles around. It is the bane of most every teen and preteen male's existence. Thankfully it gets less frequent and more controllable as you get older.

    • Thanks for your feedback or input. It helped. :) Nice to know everything you wrote.

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  • Sometimes it's erotic, sometimes it's hormonal ("morning glory"). Certain medications can do it, obviously. So can some strong vibrations.

    Sometimes it's pleasant, sometimes it's annoying. Sometimes, it just happens so often that you stop noticing until it's pointed out to you.

  • I have a crush in the grade below me we flirt with each other she sends cute pictures but I have never I asked for anything inappropriate and never received anything inappropriate but she's my home screen and we were hanging out and I turned my phone on and got an erection like I usly do when I see it and she slapped my arm and said aw I don't know if she noticed or not but she did keep looking down and smiling

  • Having sex or foreplay.

    Also, for some reason, when I wake up in the morning.

    • Lol, so it can just happen randomly too, for no reason at all? If you like look at a sexy girl, a girl you are physically attracted to, does that cause an erection or is it just thinking about her naked that causes one? Like just looking at her or thinking of something sexual or doing something sexual with her? LOL, sorry for so many questions! Thanks for answering by the way! :)

    • Yeah, happens randomly sometimes for no reason. Especially if I have not had sex for couple of days.

      I don't really become sexually attractive to girl until I get to know them so I don't get an erection. Also, I pretty much will sleep with any girl but it does not mean I am sexually attracted to them. Sex is really not a big deal for me.

    • Oh haha, that's funny how it can happen for no reason out of the blue randomly sometimes! Okay, so sounds good. I understand. Thanks for your help again! :)

  • yes, yes, yes, yes, yes..

    Basically a guy is thinking...how can I get a girl to touch me, where can I get a girl to touch me...I wish that girl would touch me...etc. Since men are visual the little man can pop up at the sight of a woman, the smell of her perfume, the touch of her hair, the thought of her, her touching him...you name it. Sometimes, mostly when in puberty but even later, he just pops up to take a look around for no apparent reason.

  • When I walk past a hot girl = erection.. If I allow myself to be, I can prevent it. But I don't have to fantasise or anything.. It's just the visual, aura or smell if I'm close enough.

    • Thanks for answering. Very helpful. Now, does it feel good to get an erection? Or uncomfortable or painful? And can a man control his erection? Like once he gets one, can he make it go away by drifting his mind off to something else or another subject or what not?

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    • Lol. d*** will like pulse. And white will come out. Plus other things. When you see it, you will know.

    • Wow, really? Interesting! Yeah, never saw it before.. a man having an orgasm. Have you had one before and if so, how does a girl make a guy have one? Like I would like to know, so when I make love to my man, I want to make him orgasm... yeah

  • yesss! it does..It actually erected mine right now...haha

    • Hahahaha, omggg lmfao!! That's funny.

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    • Yes, I know. I just meant it's funny you got one now, lol. And thanks for the facts.

    • You are most welcome ma'am :)

  • haha.. OK. Ill tell you

    a tight hug with smooching on, giving a smooth hand job to penis, massage to balls, licking penis, even rubbing between butt crack is a turn on for few guys. these are the direct ways to make a stick erected and

    is it okay now?

    • Hahaha, yaaa thanks it helped! :) Nice to know all of that...

  • for me - I will erect whenever I see a girl having an amazing sex appeal whether dressed, naked or with inner clothes.

    having oral, playing with panty, bra, fingering to girl causes erection

    • Thanks for answering. Nice to know. What else? Anything else that will cause an erection or a man to pre come or ejaculate or have an orgasm? I like to know, hahaha. Thanks. :)))

  • erection of a man depends on how comfortable they feel. it is not obvious, for each and every man to have the same procedure for erection. some they get themselves erected by just looking at a beautiful girl some are pleased by the behavior and get attracted some will get a erection by thinking of someone who is special to him or by watching her playing with herself from a distance. sometimes the thought of having a submissive girl can give him erections
    for your second question the 'touch factor' is not always helpful for everyone...but the golden times are when he gets angry and instead of quarreling with him if you cool yourself and help him pull out the anger within him it may lead to a magical erection and i bet your husband will start loving you more than before...sometimes your patience is counted

  • All that stuff you mentioned can give a guy one. I think I got one when my girlfriend sneezed once...It's not hard to do...pun intended.

    • Lol thanks for your input and help. Very interesting that it can happen randomly too.. hahah. But ya, it seems as though anything that is "exciting" sexually will give a man one, right? Do you know anything else that can cause one? Lol, I know foreplay and sex for sure. But what if we just kiss or make out? Will that cause it or no?

    • Thinking about star wars can get me hard...Yes, kissing can get him hard, so can cuddling, holding hands, putting an arm around you, seeing you smile, watching you walk past, smelling your hair as you hug, etc.

    • Oh okay, thanks so much. Yaa, now I know the "details".. cool. :)))

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  • When he is around, near, thinking about someone he desires it is very easy for an erection to occur.