What causes a man to get an erection?

What causes a man to get an erection? Like if a man saw a sexy or beautiful girl with clothes on, will that give him an erection? Like, thinking of sexual fantasies and masturbating, gives and erection? What stuff allows a guy to have an erection and does it feel good to have one?

Thank you all for answering! :)))) xxx
Oh and what if he just touches a girl? Like rubs her tummy or back or just rubs his hand around her? That causes one, right? I am sure it does, just making sure, haha.


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  • I supposed it's different for every guy. Some of us have more control over it than others, some are more visual, some are more mental. For me it's usually the mental fantasy that triggers it, more so than just the image of a beautiful woman, regardless of clothing. Of course, when I see those "f*** me" eyes (sorry, don't know how else to describe that look) there's not stopping it. I don't think anything does it faster than that.

    On the other hand, sometimes you might get an erection for no reason at all. It's refereed to as a NARB, or No Apparent Reason Boner. I could happen any time, even if there are no women for miles around. It is the bane of most every teen and preteen male's existence. Thankfully it gets less frequent and more controllable as you get older.

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      Thanks for your feedback or input. It helped. :) Nice to know everything you wrote.