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What's the kinkiest place?

What's the kinkiest place? You've had sex at? ... Or wish to?

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  • Places I have had sex: Men's restroom here at school, JC Penny's changing room during black friday, the beach. Places I would like to try: Something public and with the possibility of getting caught...a church confessional? hahaha

    • Haha I would love to try it at a church's confessional, but I think that's way too risky.

    • Well, think of it this way. You'd be screaming "Oh God!" the whole time :p

    • Lmao! :p

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What Guys Said 6

  • i would like to f*** on a huge balcony overlooking the city and when were done she can get me off so I'll shoot my load on people walking below

    • That's truly sick!!! =)(+1 for honesty)

  • I wish I could have sex on the beach on a Carribean Island!I had sex once in a womans restroom! hot!

    • For some reason public places make sex even better huh? The risk of getting caught makes things hotter.

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    • Ugh so I've heard... That sucks, I think having to register as a sex offender is a little too much.Larry69 : but if she has her period don't you consider it even more riskier? Or is it hotter? Jw lol

    • Period sex made it riskier for sure but I love vaginal period sex so much ,i can't begin to say how awesome it is for both...just slow and gentle..if you have ?? message me

  • Well...I had sex in a baseball stadium while the game was still playing. I had sex in a bank vault that I was doing work on. A golf course while palying a round. The beach...and people saw us. A winery. In a pool at a resort while it had people in it...nobody seemed to notice. Most recently in a parking garage...and people saw us again.

    • Lol what do you do when you get caught?

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    • Haha, did it work?

    • I didn't really "get caught"....people just saw us. At the beach they watched for a while. In the parking garage...they just pointed and smiled.

  • Have done this. Few years ago. Actually it was just oral but thought it still fit the question.

  • A car with a married woman while her husband was inside watching their dughter in a school play.

    • Omg, that's horrible!

    • But very exciting.

What Girls Said 3

  • I'm not sure if these count as kinky or not, but..- a movie theatre- on my balcony- in the elevator of my apartment building- downtown in a busy city at night (behind a large pillar of a building so we were out of sight, but lots of people were walking by)- lots of outside sex (including a park, a beach, an apple orchard, up in a tree, in the snow, in a river during a church camping trip when I was a teen)- the ladies room of a bar (with a hot female friend of mine)

    • I think it is.. Have you ever gotten caught?

    • Once.. in a movie theatre when I was 16. It was incredibly embarrassing at the time. ;)

  • i wanna do it the kitchen ! loli blame R. Kelly's Sex in the Kitchen song lmao

  • Bahaha a school field trip... no one ever knew lol

    • Lol

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