GUYS: Have you ever tried to "accidentally" slip in the back door?

I had sex with a guy, who said he had only done it once before.

The whole time, he kept trying to have anal (even though I wasn't really into it). No warning, no lube (other than what was on the condom). He just kept trying to poke and poke.

What's the deal? Is this some kind of p*rn move or something? Because out of every guy I've been with, he was the least experienced (and he's also the only one who has tried to get in my butt without asking).

No, this wasn't an accident. He would pull out of the front and then try to get into the back.


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  • Sometimes it's a bad angle. If she's positioned badly, he can miss repeatedly.


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  • I have actually accidentally poked around the back door while trying to line myself up for the front door. Never "accidentally" done it. And it didn't hurt anyone when I did because it didn't go in. That takes some effort and some lube and some readiness on the girl's part or a lot of effort and marginal degrees of the other two.

  • My girlfriend loves anal but for me it is just a very tight hole that initially feels very tight on my d***. I don't think you can accidently pop it into her ass very far as the ass is usually very tight (especially if it is a virgin ass). If we are going to do anal we use a lot of lube (both inside and on my d***) and even a butt plug beforehand to stretch it out a little and go very slowly.

  • From time to time, I've really accidentally popped in the back door. Easy to tell and I promptly unpopped.


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  • that hurts like a bitchhh. my ex did that to me a couple times and he was like "oh my bad!" hah yeah right, I didn't believe him considering he'd just spent the past ten minutes trying to convince me to do it. "so if she says no I'll just put it in there to show her how great it is!" great plan sh*thead. I'm sure your guy isn't trying to hurt you though, my guy was a total ass and he really thought we needed to do it despite my protests. good luck!

  • My boyfriends done it once and I screamed because it was really sudden and he's big and I hadn't had anal for a VERY long time so it hurt. And he's like "Omg I'm sorry!" and then "I thought you liked anal...?" But eh its allgood because it was his first time (we actually did anal after the accident because he wanted to try it out, loves it now lol).

    But yeah it hurt like a bitch.

    Your boyfriend is an asshole to repeatedly popping in your ass. That's most likely NOT an accident if he's already told you he wants it.

    • See, we actually hadn't ever talked about it. So when he kept poking around, I was like "WTF?"

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    • LOL. I actually don't know if I like it or not. He never actually got in.

      But I'm not in hurry to find out!

    • Well if your not totally against the idea of anal sex, tell him you'll try it out once and if you don't like to leave your ass alone, its completely off limits.