Girls: have you ever had the urge to bite...?

Have you ever had the urge or wanted to bite down on a penis while giving a blowjob? You always hear a lot of guys saying that they hate or fear... Show More

Alright.will some girl just tie me up already? HAHA!
any others?

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  • my ex used to really like the teeth scraping thing! he was into really rough, hard sex, you know what I mean.!

    and yes, I did think about biting once. ;-) LOL!

    i guess I just got caught up in the mood! (naughty right)! LOL!

    • HOT!!!

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    • ...Don't tempt me, Sanam. I'll get on a plane to Trinidad and I will make sure we DO meet.


    • LOL!!!

      is that a threat!

      i'm always up for a challenge!

      i think I can handle you!!! LOL!