Girls: have you ever had the urge to bite...?

Have you ever had the urge or wanted to bite down on a penis while giving a blowjob? You always hear a lot of guys saying that they hate or fear teeth contacting their penis while getting oral but I think I might be in the minority of those who actually like feeling teeth scrape on it and even gettting bitten. And again for you girls, if you do get the urge, what goes through your head? What makes you want to do it?

Alright.will some girl just tie me up already? HAHA!
any others?


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  • my ex used to really like the teeth scraping thing! he was into really rough, hard sex, you know what I mean.!

    and yes, I did think about biting once. ;-) LOL!

    i guess I just got caught up in the mood! (naughty right)! LOL!

    • HOT!!!

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    • LOL!!!

      is that a threat!

      i'm always up for a challenge!

      i think I can handle you!!! LOL!

    • 1mo

      Wish I could fine a girl that will bite down there they all scard they will hurt me

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  • ooohhhh!

    you want someone to tie you up!

    well, that can be arranged! LOL!

    and we'll even get some of the teeth scraping that you seem to love sooo much! LOL!

    • You're crazy....but we're on the same page.

    • DAMN! oooooh boy heheh... this should get interesting!!! ;)

    • LOL!!!!


  • I would if he cheated on me. LOL!

    But no, I would never bite a guys dick, but I have scraped it, and I really feel bad, because you can see the scratch marks on the shaft and Its not really a great feeling for most guys.

  • Nothing! My poor boy!


  • I guess the fact that there is something in my mouth xD

    And I want to try something new and see how he reacts.

    I turned my boyfriend from a softy to a roughy :)

    He loves it, he even asks me too sometimes! Its such a turn on!

  • not the erge to, I always try my best to avoid doing so. for hearing the same thing that they don't want that. or hearing them talking about ones who have and complaints. so I don't want any complaints.


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  • Haha. Damn man. You must be a better man than me because I don't tolerate any teeth at all. That is too sensitive of an area to be messing around like that.

    I had one girl do that to me and it caught me off guard so bad I actually pushed her away from me and she hit her head on a wall behind me, haha. She was like I thought you would like it. I was like hell no. That scared the shit out of me. I really thought she was one of them psycho bitches that was trying to bite my dick off because she hates men or something.

    So no thank you. Keep the teeth for ya boy SuperFlanker!

    • Well she should've asked you before she put her teeth on you!!! LOL!!!!

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    • Definitely, LOL!!!!

    • Send her over Hahaa... Well I'm not knockin anyone who doesn't like it after all most dudes don't...its ain't for everybody but as they say "to each their own"

  • se e quando volete venire a trovarmi a csa mia anche 5 o 6 ragazze io saro' lieto di fare da cavia e di farmi ( sempre con dolcezza ) ma di sicuro con delle vostre espressioni del viso molto aggressive , saro' felice che mi mordicchiate il pene è una sensazione stupenda , penso che in quel momento stesso , la donna abbia il completo controllo del partner , vi dico che anche se subito l'uomo potra' essere un po' remissivo , con il tempo vi chiedera' lui stesso di praticare questa azione ogni volta che gli farete un rapporto orale , è natura , in fondo deriviamo dagli animali anche noi e se ci fate caso loro adoperano sempre un po' di rabbia mentre compiono l'azione del far sesso . Comunque sarei lieto di provarvi tutte e vi assicuro che potrei avere molteplici orgasmi come voi il gentil sesso CIAO

  • girls you can try sinking your teeth into mine to see if you like it, chew hard all over it willing to let you all have a try any aussie girls here, message me