Girls: have you ever had the urge to bite...?

Have you ever had the urge or wanted to bite down on a penis while giving a blowjob? You always hear a lot of guys saying that they hate or fear teeth contacting their penis while getting oral but I think I might be in the minority of those who actually like feeling teeth scrape on it and even gettting bitten. And again for you girls, if you do get the urge, what goes through your head? What makes you want to do it?

Alright.will some girl just tie me up already? HAHA!
any others?


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  • my ex used to really like the teeth scraping thing! he was into really rough, hard sex, you know what I mean.!

    and yes, I did think about biting once. ;-) LOL!

    i guess I just got caught up in the mood! (naughty right)! LOL!

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      ...Don't tempt me, Sanam. I'll get on a plane to Trinidad and I will make sure we DO meet.


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      is that a threat!

      i'm always up for a challenge!

      i think I can handle you!!! LOL!