How conscious are girls of showing their cleavage?

I'm in college, and basically, I'm wondering: do girls purposely 'put out' or show their cleavage to guys? ie bending/leaning over so that a guy can see, as some kind of means of flirting? or does it mean nothing, and do a lot of girls just not care?

I met this girl last night at a friends house, it was just the three of us and we were having a very laid back evening watching a baseball game on TV and just chatting. I couldn't help but notice throughout the evening that while she was sitting back in her chair, she would pull the collar of her shirt up. she was wearing a very loose tank top kind of shirt, so I thought that was only natural, since I was over and it wasn't just her and her friend. but later on in the evening, when I had moved to a couch that was more across from her, she leaned forward in her chair while texting, and she may as well have just been sitting there in her bra because I could just see everything, and she didn't look up or adjust her shirt or anything.

we got along really well throughout the evening. she was very engaged in conversations we had with each other, and she made frequent eye contact with me. I've been told I'm an attractive guy, so I feel like there's a chance she may have been attracted to me at least a little bit.

but all that aside, I'm mainly just curious as to whether she was conscious about exposing herself like that to me. and if she was conscious of it, what does that really mean? is it just an indication of comfort, or what? I'm a bit of an analytical person, and if you feel like interpreting my situation you can, but I mostly just want to know how girls generally feel about showing cleavage, and how conscious they are about it.

thanks for any responses.


Most Helpful Girl

  • it's sort of funny with me. I always wear cleavage as much as possible since it makes me look attractive and I like the power it gives me over guys and I see it makes guys feel alive (as if

    fresh blood pulses through their veins) when they see me in cleavage.

    But even though I'm opinionated and loud and competitive with guys, I'm a bit shy so if I've just

    met the guy and my cleavage is exposed, I'll hold a jacket or sweater over it while we're

    talking. If I like the guy and he's polite to me and doesn't stare or leer at my cleavage and I know

    he's sort of attracted to me, I'll keep my cleavage exposed for him to look at while I'm smiling at him

    and we're talking and we're both pretending my cleavage is no big thing.

    But for sure if I don't like the guy, then I cover up since I don't want him to think I have any type

    of romantic or sexual feeling for him even if he wants me.

    Sounds to me she may like you especially if she smiles at you a lot and keeps eye contact with you and keeps her cleavage exposed. If she accidentally showed her cleavage and kept her cleavage hidden the rest of the time, then it may just be accident. She had to have showed you her cleavage the ENTIRE time she was with you if she's interested in you.