Why do guys love having a girl wrap their legs around them?

OK I asked a question about tips for tall girls, and a guys answer got me thinking of this question. why is it guys love it when a girl wraps her long legs around him?

is it intimacy, closeness, etc etc.

ty :D


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  • Closeness.. like she's attached to me and loving it. lol Idk.. :D I love this feeling though.. when she like wraps herself around me.. and.. idk. Makes me feel like she really really loves me and what not. And I really f***ing love her. :] Kissing her neck and such.. OMG I'm gunna see what she's doing. lmao.. go see her or something. ;P


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  • With her legs (and arms) wrapped around me and I'm deep inside her, it's like being completely enveloped by her femininity. I don't want her to unwrap me.

  • There are two reasons one of which is the closeness. The feeling of being one with your mate. The other is when the legs are wraped around the guy it allows for deeper penetration into the vagina then if the legs where down. The feeling is much more intense in this position. Emotionally and physically


  • Ya death is right, woman getting a little higher up on a dude gives great vaginal penetration and its extremely sexy from a guys perspective and feels great, I'm about 6-1 or 6-2 with 32 inseam, a 6 foot woman likely have 36-38 inseam maybe 40 if really long legs, its so hot and feels amazing sorry, short chicks id rather do a 6 foot 8/10looks than a 5 feet 9/10, although the short hottie would turn the clock in some moods, just shed be good being small because id have to carry her around for about 3 weeks after the wedding with her wearing 8 inch stillettos to come up to my chin lol, most guys do prefer tall chicks, I've known many guys who like em small and these were not short guys either, its preferance, but also likely these guys have never tried a taller one, I don't know but nice long legs and height is a huge plus for me

  • Long legs are sexy to begin with and when you wrap your legs around us, we are in nice and close to you; it shows that you want us (guys like girls more who are active in their sexuality instead of just laying there and enjoying it, we like it when you are moving too); depending on the mood it can be intimate and yet it can be kind of aggresive if you're wanting a little rougher. On top of all this, with your legs wrapped around us, we're not going anywhere and lets face it- if a guys d*** is up against (or in) your pussy, we don't WANT to go anywhere.

    • Why do guys find long legs sexy? lol

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    • Ya know, I'm not real sure the reason WHY they are hot, but they most definitely are. I think it has to do with how long legs tend to mean a combination of grace and power. Combine that with how feminine long legs are, they become sort of irresistable. And, to be completely honest, long legs usually means that they are in good shape and have a nice butt and abs. This isn't every case, but there seems to be a correlation.

    • We just do

  • long legs are just sexy, there's no way to explain it.

  • if I was getting to know the girl. like dating. then its intimacy, sexual more.

    if it was a girl I was in a relationship with.. its still sexual but more closeness.. knowing that she only wants you. its what I think.

  • because it feels good


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