Jeans ripped in crotch - Do you like it?

I may be a pervert but I would love it if a girl sitting in front of me flashed her panties through a hole in their jeans.

I have a little hole in crotch area on my jeans and the exhibitionist in me has thought of wearing those without wearing my briefs under. Would you like it, or how would you feel about it. I can imagine it would be awkward if it was someone you knew but what if it was a complete stranger?


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  • mmmmm I would love it if you showed me your "junk" for me I would become all hard and start precumming all over the place like a rabid dog. I wish more men would think like you ;)

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      Wtf? I got three thumbs up? I was just f***ing around that's the nastiest thing I've ever typed I think lol. jesus you people are f***ed up.

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