Can you tell the size of a man's package by their bulge?

I like this guy at my work and whenever he wears jeans I am SO bad for looking at his, now I'm kind of big is it? Can you estimate the size by what you see?


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  • Two things here.

    1. Why are you focusing on his "package"? Would you want guys to only focus on your breasts/butt? What about personality? And frankly, the "package" works even if it's not magnum sized. The socket has to fit the plug, in any case, if you catch my drift.

    2. No, you can't estimate size by what you see. Apart from the fact that a guy's "package" is a different size when "relaxed" than when "excited", there's also difference in clothing, how tight-fitting everything is etc.


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  • Not everyone wears a boxer, and not every bulge on a pair of pants is caused by the guy's penis.

    For example, when I'm sitting down, my jeans pretty much make it look as though my penis is sticking straight up, when it actually isn't. It's just a trick in the fabric.

    So don't make assumptions about the size just by staring at a guy's crotch. If you really want to know, just ask him to show it to you. We love curious girls. Trust me.

  • To some extent yeah but its not every accurate, how much of a bulge is there does depend on how loose the boxers are you are wearing or how tight, for the most part its generally down one leg. but you can be a grower and not a shower or a shower and not a grower so its kinda innacurate

  • Ask him to show you... He'll do it, and you'll know for sure =)

  • Damn girl, no wonder why your manager is about to fire you for lack of're too busy staring at some dude's bulge.

  • They make some underwear that makes the bulge look huge. So it may or may not be. Kinda like a push up bra? So only ONE way to know for sure..and You know what that is, yea? Get in there and see for yourself!

  • I have a huge bulge but not a huge member, I am larger than average and I'm a shower. I wear boxers and it hangs down my right leg.
    so if there is a bulge it's there for a reason.

  • its an optical illusion, its the pleats in the pants. -Will ferrell in Anchorman. but in all seriousness it could be the jeans, whenever I wear pants it looks like I have an erection even if I dont. You can't really tell by the "bulge" in his jeans


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  • I can :)

    To actually tell how big it is tho you have to know if he is wearing boxers or briefs/underwear. Bulges in boxers hand down to the left or the right down the leg of the pant, while bulges in tighter brief is usually concentrated to the center of the crouch area. So with boxers I think its easier to tell how big a guy is, usually if he is over 4 inches soft then he will show a slight bulge if you really pay attention, and if he is over 5 inches soft it will be much easier to notice. Usally if he is less than 4 soft its pretty hard to see.